1998-09-02 Song Festival Grounds, Tartu, Estonia

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Allegedly, Dave tried to sing In Your Room two times in a row and Martin has to help him. Dave forgets some words for the second verse of I Feel You. Martin's mic crashes at the beginning of Home.

Here is the diary entry by Jez Webb from Bong magazine issue #40:

Four years on from the last Depeche Mode tour and the Gods are smiling. The sun beams down on the outdoor concrete bowl known as the Song Festival Grounds, even a swarm of butterflies descended on the stage… well one landed on Martin during sound-check. A break from live work means it takes the guys a while to get going and warm up, literally. The warm sunny day, long gone… Halfway through the set Dave comes over: “Good crowd tonight… and lots of flags. I might grab the ‘Union Jack’ and wrap it round myself.” “Oh, very patriotic Dave.” “Not really, it’s the nearest one and I’m f***ing freezing.” As first gigs go, this was pretty good – new recruits Peter Gordeno (keys) and Christian Eigner (drums), plus Janet and Jordan (backing vocals) can tick their first Depeche Mode show off and earned their colours.

And here is the diary entry by Jody:

We got on our private plane for the first time today, and it was a little bumpy towards the end, but it was ok...we survived. I was a bit worried, but our air hostess (Eva), was wonderful. We came to the gig. The guys did the "Meet & Greet", which was very polite. The fans here are very polite. They come up and have their pictures signed, and they kinda get to the background. I'm sure it won't be quite the same in other places.

There were 12,000 fans here tonight, and they were absolutely mental! They were chanting "Depeche Mode" a half hour before the band went on stage! Dave and the band were brilliant.

It was six degrees here, and it's freezing out there. It's totally and utterly freezing. It's outdoors, it's cold, and there's smoke in the air when you breathe out.

Purity was the support act. Tim Simenon DJed before and after Purity's set.


Set list

  1. Painkiller
  2. A Question Of Time
  3. World In My Eyes
  4. Policy Of Truth
  5. It's No Good
  6. Never Let Me Down Again
  7. Walking In My Shoes
  8. Only When I Lose Myself
  9. A Question Of Lust (*)
  10. Home (*)
  11. Condemnation
  12. In Your Room
  13. Useless
  14. Enjoy The Silence
  15. Personal Jesus
  16. Barrel Of A Gun
  17. Somebody (*)
  18. Stripped
  19. I Feel You
  20. Just Can't Get Enough


  • Source 1 is a decent audience recording, but it's MP3-sourced.
  • Source 2 is an okay audience recording; this one is lossless, and "Painkiller" and "A Question Of Lust" are incomplete.

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