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A very good audience recording, but unfortunately incomplete due to a problem with the Sony recorder requiring the unit to be power cycled before recording could continue. Policy Of Truth is missing the second half of the song, "In Your Room", "Everything Counts", and "Precious" are completely missing, and My Favourite Stranger is missing the first minute of the song.

Martin's guitar sounds strange during Walking In My Shoes. Dave erroneously sings an extra chorus during A Pain That I'm Used To.

Thanks to Anonymous for taping and also thanks to Mike for arranging.

Both the original high-resolution 24-bit, 96KHz fileset and a downsampled version in 16-bit, 44.1KHz are available for download below.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

Photo of set list sheet taped to a cabinet at the sound desk. Credit to Anonymous.
  1. [2:40] Play Intro (Speak To Me)
  2. [5:16] Play My Cosmos Is Mine
  3. [3:45] Play Wagging Tongue
  4. [6:54] Play Walking In My Shoes
  5. [5:10] Play It's No Good
  6. [2:23] Play Policy Of Truth
  7. [3:20] Play My Favourite Stranger
  8. [3:48] Play Strangelove (*)
  9. [5:31] Play Heaven (*)
  10. [4:13] Play Ghosts Again
  11. [5:47] Play I Feel You
  12. [4:30] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  13. [5:14] Play Behind The Wheel
  14. [5:18] Play Black Celebration
  15. [5:27] Play Stripped
  16. [7:16] Play Enjoy The Silence
  17. [4:08] Play Encore Break
  18. [4:03] Play Condemnation
  19. [6:35] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  20. [6:43] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  21. [7:52] Play Personal Jesus
  • Total time: 1:45:53


  • Sound Professionals SP-CMC-2 (Audio Technica AT831) cardioid microphones -> Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-4 battery box -> Sony PCM-A10 recorder (24/96) -> WAV 24/96 files -> WAV files merged -> Reaper (slight EQ, volume adjustment, fades, normalization) -> in Audacity 3.4.2: limiting of loud claps/noises as needed, trims, normalization, track splits -> FLAC level 8 (24/96)
  • Taper: Anonymous
  • Taping location: Section 203, 3rd row; photo of taping location and set list sheet included