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Depeche Mode state in the Heaven EPK and the Delta Machine EPK:

Dave Gahan: "Of all the incredible songs that Martin has written over the years that I have been lucky enough to sing and perform, once in a while a song comes along - hopefully I'll write one of those myself one day - that's something I have to sing. It's something I want to sing. It feels like I'm putting on a pair of boots that I've worn for years, that I love. It fits. As soon as I heard that song he had played me the demo, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. There's no other song like it on the record. That was one song from this record that I knew that this was gonna be the linchpin to this session. Everything has got to be as good as this. To me, 'Heaven' is one of the reasons why I still make music."

Andy: "'Heaven' is interesting, because Martin really cracked it with this 'Heaven'. Pretty much, apart from Dave's voice instead of Martin's voice, the actual finished song is pretty similar [to the demo]."

Martin: "'Heaven' was written on a piano. I had all the chords and everything all worked out on the piano and the whole vocal melody and the lyrics worked out before I went anywhere near a computer."



Sometimes I slide away silently

I slowly lose myself over and over

Take comfort in my skin endlessly

Surrender to my will forever and ever

I dissolve in trust

I will sing with joy

I will end up dust

I'm in heaven

I stand in golden rays radiantly

I burn a fire of love over and over

Reflecting endless light relentlessly

I have embraced the flame forever and ever

I will scream the word

Jump into the void

I will guide the herd

Up to heaven

Songwriter: Martin L. Gore
Publishing Information: ©2013 EMI Blackwood Music Inc. o/b/o itself and / Grabbing Hands Music Ltd. (BMI). All rights reserved.

Dates with available recordings of Heaven

There are currently 23 recordings of Heaven available.

Dates where Heaven was played

2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour

Heaven was played 112 times during this tour.

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • Heaven was not played during this tour.