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Demos of thirteen songs, along with studio outtake / "rough" versions of two songs from the 2013 album Delta Machine leaked in March 2023 as full versions on YouTube (previously, only snippets were available; history is available below). These files are AAC 192kbps 44.1kHz stereo and are not sourced from YouTube. The audio has not been re-encoded further, and track order and tags have not been altered. This audio does not seem to have any equalization applied to it as the MP3 192kbps version floating around does.

Some songs closely resemble the final versions, such as 'Always', 'Heaven', 'Slow', and 'Welcome To My World', and the two "rough" versions of the songs. Other songs are vastly different from the released versions. One song, 'Schism', is an unreleased instrumental song which bears a resemblance to 'Oh Well'. The demo for 'Slow' is not the original demo of the song recorded circa 1993, but is a re-recording. Some of the songs have some lyrical differences, which you can read here.

The demo for 'Goodbye' only contains two seconds of audio despite having a duration of 4:14. After the beginning of the song, the rest of the track is silent. It is unknown whether this was intentional or whether some sort of error occurred.

Thanks to an anonymous contributor for providing this file set. also catalogs a "Delta Machine Instrumental Demos" studio CD-R from which no audio circulates as of 2023.[1]

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On September 20, 2021, 45-second excerpts of these demos and rough versions were uploaded to SoundCloud, but were removed within a few hours.[2] The link to the SoundCloud playlist was posted on the Home fan forum[3]; see screenshot below. Those excerpts, as well as a few other longer excerpts were mirrored below until March 2023 when the full file set surfaced.

Facebook member Jonas Öberg posted a photo about these demos on May 14, 2021[4], indicating that he has had the demos for at least 5 years since the time of the post, and showing the same 14 songs along with 'Goodbye', which did not have a snippet uploaded to SoundCloud. According to Winamp seen in the photograph, 'Slow' is 1411kbps 44.1khz, which is 16-bit 44.1khz PCM audio, suggesting that he has lossless copies of the files.

On March 13, 2023, a Home post indicated that an MP3 192kbps stereo file set was circulating on the internet containing most tracks.

Track list

(*) indicates lead vocals by Martin Gore

  1. [4:46] Play Welcome To My World (*)
  2. [4:02] Play Heaven (*)
  3. [5:14] Play Secret
  4. [6:11] Play Secret (Rough 9oct12_02)
  5. [4:13] Play Universe (*)
  6. [4:27] Play Universe (Ruff 3Oct12)
  7. [3:42] Play Slow (*)
  8. [4:58] Play Broken
  9. [4:58] Play Higher
  10. [4:43] Play Soothe (*)
  11. [4:14] Play Goodbye
  12. [4:24] Play Lot (demo for All That's Mine)
  13. [4:37] Play Always (*)
  14. [5:35] Play Happens
  15. [4:20] Play Schism
  • Total time: 1:10:24