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In the documentary 'Usual thing, try and get the question in the answer' that is included in the 'Sounds Of The Universe' boxset, a whiteboard can be seen with working titles of 'Sounds Of The Universe'. Oh Well's working title is 'Das Toe Stub'. Dave Gahan then says in the documentary:

"[A toe stub] is something that happens when you're playing table football. If sometimes you [play with force], and the player will get the ball caught between its feet and the table. And it's known as "the toe stub", when "boom!", it doesn't go anywhere. It would be very painful. Yeah, that's actually a little collaboration between Martin and myself."

Martin Gore then says in the same documentary:

"There's actually one track that probably won't make the album, but maybe an extra track on the first single and will probably be on the full, extended boxset or whatever. That was originally an instrumental that I wrote. And Dave liked it so much that he put some lyrics to it."

Dave Gahan also says in the same documentary:

"I took the risk. I got it, and I went back to my room after he had [given it to me] in Santa Barbara. And suddenly I was faring on these ideas, and this melody, and some words, actually, that were coming into my head. And when I came back to New York, I put loads of vocals on it, and vocal melodies. And then we back the next time to play each other stuff, and I was like, "Actually, I did this to your song". And Martin didn't really say anything! But we recorded it, and it might end up being the first collaboration between us, which was done in completely different places, in completely different parts of America, and completely different times. But nonetheless, it's a collaboration."

Dates where Oh Well was played

Oh Well has never been played live.