1983-12-15 Sartory Saal, Cologne, Germany/Source 1

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A very good audience recording, fairly clear throughout. There were constant pops and clicks which were able to be reduced significantly. Automatic phase correction fixed the stereo balance, but in my opinion the noise reduction I used when I originally transferred this recording in early 2013 was excessive. However, it does not sound like it harms the audio significantly, so perhaps it is not so terrible.

There are keyboard problems during the beginning of Two Minute Warning as well as Boys Say Go!.

The beginning of Everything Counts is missing and Photographic is missing a middle segment due to tape flip, otherwise this is a complete recording.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [5:24] Play Everything Counts
  2. [3:50] Play Now, This Is Fun
  3. [4:33] Play Two Minute Warning
  4. [4:21] Play Shame
  5. [4:11] Play See You
  6. [3:24] Play Get The Balance Right
  7. [4:38] Play Love In Itself
  8. [5:33] Play Pipeline (*)
  9. [5:18] Play The Landscape Is Changing
  10. [4:42] Play And Then...
  11. [3:47] Play Photographic
  12. [4:50] Play Told You So
  13. [4:16] Play New Life
  14. [6:06] Play More Than A Party
  15. [3:14] Play The Meaning Of Love
  16. [6:08] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  17. [2:48] Play Boys Say Go!
  • Total time: 1:17:03


  • unknown taper and equipment -> ... -> cassette (Maxell UR-90) -> Onkyo TA-2055 tape deck (heads cleaned before transferring; normal position, no noise reduction setting, output level at 7 out of 11) -> RCA to 3.5mm cable -> ASUS Xonar DX -> Adobe Audition CS6 (32-bit / 192 khz) -> automatic click remover (heavy reduction), noise reduction (75% 18dB), automatic phase correction (auto align channels, auto center panning, all settings set to most accurate possible) -> WAV (32/48; 100% quality & pre/post filter during sample rate conversion) -> slowed down 5% using Audacity 2.0.2 -> WAV (32/48) -> tracks split via cuesheet to FLAC level 8
  • Cassette tape photos included
  • Transfer & mastering: DMLiveWiki
  • Many thanks to stefler for generously shipping me this cassette.