1985-07-13 Rockscene Festival, Guehenno, France/Source 1

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A good sounding recording. These 8 tracks are sourced from a master tape of a TV broadcast. The recording declines somewhat in quality as it goes on; the sound gets more echoey and gains some distortion. If You Want misses the first few seconds. Shake The Disease is mono because there was a flaw in one of the channels; the broadcaster replaced that damaged channel with the studio version of the song.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [4:38] Play If You Want
  2. [4:11] Play People Are People
  3. [4:54] Play Leave In Silence
  4. [5:02] Play Shake The Disease
  5. [5:22] Play Blasphemous Rumours
  6. [4:44] Play Told You So
  7. [5:10] Play Master And Servant
  8. [5:49] Play Everything Counts
  • Total time: 39:49


  • TV Breizh television broadcast -> VHS (?) master -> unknown transfer -> FLAC level 8