1985-07-13 Rockscene Festival, Guehenno, France

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Another festival gig from the 1984-1985 Some Great Reward Tour. A soundboard audio recording and pro-shot video recording are available, both incomplete.

It is said on fan-sites of The Clash that a fight broke out between crew members of The Clash and crew members of Depeche Mode.

Martin Gore said in 1997: "We played with The Clash once, years ago. And when they first went on stage, Joe's drummer said: 'Il pleut, oui ou non?' ['It rains, yes or no?']."


  1. Intro (Master And Servant Voxless)
  2. Something To Do
  3. If You Want
  4. People Are People
  5. Leave In Silence
  6. Shake The Disease
  7. Blasphemous Rumours
  8. Told You So
  9. Master And Servant
  10. Everything Counts
  11. Photographic
  12. Just Can't Get Enough


  • Source 1 is a good soundboard recording sourced from a TV broadcast master recording. The recording declines in quality as it goes on for some reason; the audio gets sort of an 'echoey' quality and gains some distortion.
  • Source 2 is a pro-shot DVD of the same 8 tracks as the soundboard recording, but lineage is unknown.
  • Source 3 is a rework yielding the most complete, best sounding version from the soundboard recording (Source 1), the good audience recording (Source 4), and an FM broadcast for the final track.
  • Source 4 is a good audience recording, unfortunately missing the vast majority of the last track.