1986-03-00 Black Celebration Tour Rehearsals, Nomis Studios, London, England, UK

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A cassette tape of the backing tapes from the 1987-1988 Music For The Masses tour as well as the light-show cue / tour rehearsal tape from the 1986 Black Celebration tour were sold on eBay in 2011 by a New Zealand eBay seller. That seller purchased a leather jacket from the lighting director of the 1990 World Violation tour, Jane Spiers, and the tapes were included with the jacket. View the original listing here (on archive.org).

Short excerpts of several tracks were uploaded to DM_Best_Bits' SoundCloud (now an empty account) and are available to listen to below. The rehearsals are probably from March 1986 given that 'Here Is The House' is part of the rehearsal and the track was only played during the first two dates of the tour. Several snippets from the 1987-1988 Music For The Masses tour backing tapes were also uploaded by the same user and are available to listen to on that page.

Please note that DM Live does not have any more audio from this rehearsal recording other than what appears on this page, since all of these excerpts were publicly posted on Soundcloud in the past. Furthermore, it is not known who possesses a copy the full audio of this recording.

The only live full-band recording of 'Here Is The House' currently available is from 1986-03-31 New Conference Centre, Brighton, England, UK. You can listen to the entire track from that concert on its page. The track was later played in an acoustic form on the World Violation tour.


Tracks are ordered as they appear in the Black Celebration tour set list.

Note: it was identified in 2024 that the original MP3 audio samples have phase cancellation, causing considerable sound degradation. The newly uploaded samples below have had the phase cancellation corrected and also had the stereo channels phase aligned and normalized, then exported to WAV to prevent further quality loss from additional lossy encoding. There is still no further information regarding who possesses the full recording at this time, unfortunately.

Original eBay listing (from archive.org)