1986-04-16 Wembley Arena, London, England, UK

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A pro-shot DVD, presumably of the giant screen feed, as well as a very good audience recording and several other sources are available from this concert.

Hula was the support act.

Set list

  1. Christmas Island
  2. Black Celebration
  3. A Question Of Time
  4. Fly On The Windscreen
  5. Shake The Disease
  6. Leave In Silence
  7. It's Called A Heart
  8. Everything Counts
  9. It Doesn't Matter Two (*)
  10. A Question Of Lust (*)
  11. Blasphemous Rumours
  12. New Dress
  13. Stripped
  14. Something To Do
  15. Master And Servant
  16. Photographic
  17. People Are People
  18. Boys Say Go!
  19. Just Can't Get Enough
  20. More Than A Party


  • Source 1 is the best sounding version of the soundboard recording from multiple sources; rework contributed by electropop.
  • Source 2 is the pro-shot PAL DVD.
  • Source 3 is the soundboard audio demuxed directly from the pro-shot PAL DVD. Format is AC3.
  • Source 4 is a very good low-generation audience recording.
  • Source 5 is a lossy, but overall decent and uniform sounding copy of the soundboard. Often claimed as a "BBC In Concert" recording, but the BBC did not record this concert.
  • Source 6 is a very raw, noisy sounding soundboard recording, probably a raw capture from a high-gen VHS. Likely originates from the same source as Source 5, but from a higher-generation copy.