1988-04-29 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountainview, CA, USA/Source 1

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A very good audience recording, including Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth which was only performed during some dates of the last two legs of the 1987-1988 Music For The Masses Tour. Martin later played the song during his 8-date 2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" in 2003, supporting his second solo album "Counterfeit²".

The spectrogram of this recording is rather odd - there are a couple high-frequency ringing noises throughout the recording and it looks like a low-pass filter was applied to roll off some of the hiss. There are also some clicks & pops throughout the recording. This also explains the inconsistent results by auCDtectTaskManager.

This recording has been pressed on a 2xCD bootleg called "Eternal Glory", but this recording is not sourced directly from that bootleg. I'm unsure whether the silver CD bootleg is any different in quality to this recording, so if someone has the bootleg and could upload a couple tracks so I could compare them, I'd greatly appreciate it!


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list


  1. [1:23] Play Pimpf
  2. [5:51] Play Behind The Wheel
  3. [4:48] Play Strangelove
  4. [5:08] Play Sacred
  5. [3:52] Play Something To Do
  6. [5:06] Play Blasphemous Rumours
  7. [6:37] Play Stripped
  8. [2:57] Play Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (*)
  9. [4:23] Play The Things You Said (*)
  10. [4:27] Play Black Celebration
  11. [5:11] Play Shake The Disease
  12. [4:35] Play Nothing


  1. [4:46] Play Pleasure, Little Treasure
  2. [4:32] Play Master And Servant
  3. [4:14] Play A Question Of Time
  4. [6:51] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  5. [4:20] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  6. [4:28] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  7. [6:53] Play Everything Counts
  • Total time: 1:30:22


  • unknown taper and equipment -> unknown transfer -> 2xCD-R -> Exact Audio Copy (poor settings, not my rip) -> FLAC level 8
  • Exact Audio Copy logs and auCDtectTaskManager log included