1990-06-29 Pine Knob Music Theatre, Detroit, MI, USA/Source 1

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A decent audience recording. This source is thought to be a second-generation analog copy and is an upgrade in sound quality to prior available versions. Here are Ryan's notes regarding acquisition and preservation of this recording:

A month or so ago, there was this cassette listing of the Detroit 6-29-1990 show from Pud Records. I had never seen it before and I am sort of familiar with Pud Record bootlegs because of some Nine Inch Nails tapes I got from around that time. I assume that this person lived in the Cleveland/Detroit area and would sell these cassettes at a local record shop in Cleveland and list them as 'imports' in order to be able to sell them in the record store. As they said they were produced in Germany. But many of the recordings from Pud were of shows in Cleveland. This was the first time seeing these cassettes and the quality is usually pretty good on them. I was hoping to get the cassettes but the bids went over $400 for the pair of tapes. Which is insane. The other person who bid on them probably knew the same thing I did. (So if you are reading this, I'd love the better copy for transfer!)

I messaged the seller to see if I could just get digital copies of them. But said the best they could do is give me cassette copies. Which is kinda wild for it being 2024. If you're selling these. You must know how a digital transfer works. But anyways, these tapes came in the mail and I was pretty delighted to hear the quality on it. Although it's not amazing. It's better than what is out there circulating at the moment. It is definitely better than the copy that the wiki has right now. Better sound, a bit clearer. I sped up the tape by 4.5% as it did have some slowing issues. Tape flip comes during Clean. Also, there is no terrible humming in the last few songs like the copy on the wiki at this time. We can all agree that the previous copy out there was just due to a pretty poor transfer. One other thing about these tapes is there is a bit of distortion during the crowd cheering. Which I assume happened on the cassette dub. So again, getting the original cassettes would be beneficial. So overall, I would suspect this to be a 2nd generation cassette tape.

Glad to see these pop up. I remember when I first started collecting that someone said they had the master tapes and gave me them. Only to find out this person really had no idea what they were talking about and they were just terrible copies of this and a mislabeled date. But hey, I was 15 years old. I had no idea and I was just very very excited to see a Depeche Mode tape from Detroit.

I know of someone who actually taped these shows with a D6. But I have still yet to get it from them, as like many, are disorganized due to the fact they have such a huge collection. Maybe one day. Anyways enjoy the tape. As this is Depeche's best tour, it's amazing how loud the crowd is.

Also included on these tapes was Nitzer Ebb's opening set.

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The original file set shared on Dimeadozen included a recording of the opening act, Nitzer Ebb, but that audio is not represented on the wiki.

Both the original high-resolution 24-bit, 48KHz fileset and a downsampled version in 16-bit, 44.1KHz are available for download below.

Many thanks to Ryan at NINLive for the money, time, and effort spent on acquiring and preserving this source.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [3:40] Play Kaleid
  2. [5:20] Play World In My Eyes
  3. [4:42] Play Halo
  4. [5:17] Play Shake The Disease
  5. [6:07] Play Everything Counts
  6. [3:59] Play Master And Servant
  7. [7:01] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  8. [6:07] Play Waiting For The Night
  9. [4:19] Play Here Is The House (*)
  10. [3:46] Play Sweetest Perfection (*)
  11. [5:19] Play Clean
  12. [6:33] Play Stripped
  13. [5:07] Play Policy Of Truth
  14. [7:54] Play Enjoy The Silence
  15. [4:54] Play Strangelove
  16. [9:22] Play Personal Jesus
  17. [4:43] Play Black Celebration
  18. [7:51] Play A Question Of Time
  19. [5:28] Play Behind The Wheel
  20. [6:09] Play Route 66
  • Total time: 1:53:38


  • Master (?) -> Pud Records Cassettes -> Pioneer Elite Cassette Deck -> Cassettes -> Nakamichi CR-3 -> Native Instruments Komplete 6 -> Audition (24/48) -> Fission (track) -> xACT -> FLAC level 8
  • Transfer: Ryan at NINLive
  • Generation: believed to be a second generation copy
  • Original info file and cassette photos included