1990-07-31 San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA/Source 1

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A good audience recording. "Kaleid" is incomplete, and "Master And Servant", "Never Let Me Down Again", "Little 15", "Stripped", "Black Celebration", and "A Question Of Time" are missing entirely. For whatever reason, a slightly edited "Everything Counts" is tacked on the end of this recording. I believe this recording is sourced from some variant of the "Everything Counts San Diego 1990" bootleg as a result (Discogs info).

Two tracks from this date appear on the "Darkest Feelings" silver CD bootleg as bonus tracks. I think they are from a lower generation source, as there's next much less audible hiss and the tracks are much clearer overall, plus "Little 15" is included while it isn't on the bootleg the primary recording is sourced from.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [1:45] Play Kaleid
  2. [5:19] Play World In My Eyes
  3. [4:43] Play Halo
  4. [5:12] Play Shake The Disease
  5. [6:10] Play Everything Counts
  6. [5:44] Play Waiting For The Night
  7. [3:31] Play Blue Dress (*)
  8. [6:07] Play Clean
  9. [4:59] Play Policy Of Truth
  10. [7:51] Play Enjoy The Silence
  11. [4:38] Play Strangelove
  12. [6:05] Play Personal Jesus
  13. [5:25] Play Behind The Wheel
  14. [4:45] Play Route 66
  15. [6:13] Play Everything Counts
  • Total time (including bonus tracks): 1:25:46


  • some variant of the "Everything Counts San Diego 1990" bootleg (Discogs info), probably one of the CD variants -> unknown ripping program -> FLAC level 8