1994-04-12 KROQ, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Dave Gahan was scheduled to call KROQ from Chile, to for a call-in interview with Richard Blade. Blade had already left the station, however, so KROQ-FM radio jock Tami Heidi provided Gahan with Blade's home phone number. Gahan called and subsequently left a voicemail message on Blade's home answering machine, which Blade would later broadcast on the air.

Recording, uploading and info by Daniel "BRAT" Barassi who originally uploaded the recording to depechemode.com.

A transcript was posted on the DMMB forum.

  • Duration: 4:58


Audio Transcript

Hello. I'm looking for a Mr. Richard Blade. Wondering if he's there and if he recognises this voice. This is a question: if you don't recognize this voice well then you don't need to pick up the phone. But if you do, Richard, then I'll give you a clue: the last name of the part of the band is "Mode". [laughing] And my name's Dave. Richard. Richard! Riiiiicharrrd, are you there!?? Alright, you're not, I'm gonna do the interview anyway... Hi, this is Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode and you're listening to KROQ with Richard Blade and uh we're gonna go out on the road again soon and uh, why don't you come on down and see the show cause its really different and uh, we got someone different playing in the band now, and uh, you should come on down and have a look and uhhh what was I gonna sayyy oh, yeah... Hi, this is Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode and tickets go on sale for our concert in Irvine Meadows uh someday, very soon aaaah ha. Oh well I'm not very good at this as you can see Richard so I hope we'll try again in 5 or ten minutes to ring you again and uh I hope you get our message. Bye!

[Dave hangs up. He tries again later...]

Hello? This is Alice in Dave... (starts singing) "Had a bad daaaaaay/ phoned Richard Blaaaaaaaade/ He didn't answer meeee/ Cause he's fucking gone awaaaaaay!" (ends singing) Richard? Are you there? Mr. Blade! Uh, its Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode again phoning all the way from somewhere where's its chilly and its chilly actually, funnily enough. We are in Chile and we played a show last night to 25,000 screaming, fanatic Chileans, annnd we gone out afterward for chile con carne annnnd uhhh then we went to this club called Chilly Willy! So and uh uh Richard, where are you? Alright, alright, I'm not singing to you anymore unless you pick up the phone... Hello? Anyway.. PLLLLEASSSSEee come to the concert...pleaase okay, 'cause, you know, we thought you cared all those fans out there (fake crying) bye...

[Dave hangs up]