1994-04-10 Complejo Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

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Most of this concert was broadcast over FM as a boom-mic recording from the sound tent. A traditional audience recording is also available, but the quality is okay at best. According to BONG magazine #21 issued July 1994, this concert is one of three concerts which the band named as the favourite gig of the Devotional tour, saying that "[t]hey found it hard to name just one as there were so many good shows".

Here is Daryl Bamonte's entry for the famous Devotional Tour Diary, published in Bong magazine in 1994:

I had visions of Argentina and Chile being full of fascist juntas and military coups and dissidents with false looking moustaches having electrodes attached to their testicles. Well, they're not. People don’t go missing in the middle of the night and they don’t hate us Angleterras. Anyway, I've done four shows now and I think I've got a bit of a routine going.

Carlos Geniso, president of DG Medios, tells Audience magazine in 2017 that a major football game was being played before this show [Universidad de Chile 3-1 Colo Colo], and the police handling the match were providing security for the concert.

"At the end of the match, the fans from the soccer game tried to sneak in to the gig, so the police ended up chasing them all over the venue trying to throw them out before the show started."

Alan explained further in the Violator remaster documentary in 2006:

"Another [concert] I remember, the greatest audience was in Chile or somewhere, where we'd had a terrible day. We'd been driven to this show in a van with all the windows blown out, and then he ran over a dog when he drove us to the show. When we got there to the soundcheck, the promoter had sold the advertising rights ten times over and there was a gun fight. Up the road was a football riot and the street was burning. And we thought "We just wanna leave this town", you know? It was horrible! And we got to the gig and we played this show and it was the best ever. The audience were absolutely crazy."

Dave said to NME in January 1997:

"It wasn't really apparent to me at the time, but I had become a complete cliche of myself. I remember in Chile, when I got the news that Kurt [Cobain] had blown his head off, my first reaction was that I was angry. I was pissed off. I felt like he'd stolen my idea, like he'd beat me to it. That's how f---ed up I was. I really was that gone."

Dave Gahan also told MTV in 1997:

"Like Martin once said to me, like one night. I think in fact it was in Chile... where the Kurt Cobain thing happened, not where it happened, but same night, and we were in my room. It was very late and we'd been drinking a lot. Whether he was drunk, I don't know if he can even remember it, but it stuck in my mind anyway. He said to me that he feels like he gets his songs like... gets something from God and he thought that he was losing it because he was drinking and stuff. For some reason he thought that he had to channel that work through me, and I was his voice kind of thing, which I thought was the most beautiful thing he had ever said to me. I mean we were both in kind of the "I love you" mode but it really stuck in my mind like maybe I really am supposed to deliver some kind of message you know. For whatever... whether people get something out of it or not maybe it's supposed to do something for me, you know?"

Chilean musician Andrés Bobe died on this day in a motorcycle accident. DM's promotor went on stage before DM's show and asked the crowd for one minute of silence in tribute of Andrés Bobe. On Andrés Bobe's Wikipedia page, it is stated: "To the surprise of the attendees, Martin Gore dedicated some words to Bobe in the middle of the concert, highlighting his enormous musical talent and dedicating the song "Somebody" to him. The story of Andrés was also highlighted in the official media of the British band." However, there is not evidence for these two statements.

Dave Gahan did an interview in Chile the day after; you can listen to it here.

Set list

  1. Rush
  2. Halo
  3. Behind The Wheel
  4. Everything Counts
  5. World In My Eyes
  6. Walking In My Shoes
  7. Stripped
  8. Condemnation (*)
  9. A Question Of Lust (*)
  10. I Want You Now (*)
  11. In Your Room
  12. Never Let Me Down Again
  13. I Feel You
  14. Personal Jesus
  15. Somebody (*)
  16. Enjoy The Silence
  17. Policy Of Truth
  18. A Question Of Time


  • Source 1 is a very good boom-microphone audience recording broadcast over FM. There is distorted bass at times.
  • Source 2 is an okay audience recording sourced from a fourth-generation cassette; it's pretty muffled overall.