1994-05-14 Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountainview, San Francisco, CA, USA/Source 2

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A good audience recording. It's clearly cassette sourced due to some minor hiss and some speed variation between tape flips. There's some overall distortion, but it's not the worst audience recording in the world.

In Your Room and Never Let Me Down Again were swapped on the CD-Rs. I put them in the right order, but Never Let Me Down Again is missing a few seconds of the beginning probably due to tape flip. Other than that, I believe this is a complete audience recording. Some different speed correction values were necessary for some tracks, plus cassette speed varies slightly between the beginning and end of a tape on the vast majority of recorders, so the speed isn't dead on - if you want to matrix this audience recording with the soundboard (looking at you, biashead!), it may be a bit difficult due to the speed variation.

What's interesting is that the diginoise found on the soundboard recording during In Your Room before Dave sings "your burning eyes" is heard on this audience recording as well. So, that noise was broadcast over the PA and wasn't an artifact of the soundboard recording's master DAT itself. The "Rated PG" bootleg variant of the soundboard recording cleverly patched that noise out using a short segment from earlier in the song, and I've also recreated the same patch and supplied that version as an extra in the soundboard recording's torrent here on the wiki (Source 1), but it would seem that the diginoise is "accurate".

This recording was ripped by Slickmode, but the waveform is squashed. A few others of Slick's rips are similarly affected, compared to exact copies of CD-Rs that other traders received which ripped without the waveform problem. I think Slickmode had the "Normalize" option on in EAC when he ripped this disc, and that permanently adjusted the audio to have a plateaued waveform. I applied automatic phase correction to this recording to improve dynamic range a little bit; this being a cassette recording, it probably didn't have much dynamic range to begin with anyway.

To Craig (the taper): if you're reading this, please contact me so I can transfer your master cassettes (and your 1993-11-24 Los Angeles tapes, and any other DM you've taped) properly! I'd really appreciate it.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [7:02] Play Rush
  2. [4:48] Play Halo
  3. [5:23] Play Behind The Wheel
  4. [4:47] Play Everything Counts
  5. [6:19] Play World In My Eyes
  6. [6:49] Play Walking In My Shoes
  7. [5:25] Play Stripped
  8. [4:02] Play Condemnation (*)
  9. [4:38] Play I Want You Now (*)
  10. [6:58] Play In Your Room
  11. [4:53] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  12. [7:24] Play I Feel You
  13. [7:52] Play Personal Jesus
  14. [4:12] Play Somebody (*)
  15. [9:12] Play Enjoy The Silence
  16. [5:02] Play A Question Of Time
  • Total time: 1:34:46


  • unknown equipment -> master cassettes -> unknown transfer -> 2xCD-R -> Exact Audio Copy (unknown settings) -> in Adobe Audition CC 2015: normalized to -3.0dB and any DC bias removed, auto phase correction, slowed down 5.0% up through Personal Jesus, Somebody sped up 2.0%, Enjoy The Silence forward sped up by 1.0%, normalized to -0.1dB -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: Craig
  • Generation: master