1998-12-12 KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas, Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USA/Source 2

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A very good FM broadcast recording. It's obviously FM broadcast sourced due to there being next to no dynamic range (unfortunately extremely common to US radio stations), frequency response extending to about 17khz, and the 19khz pilot tone clearly visible in the spectrogram.

Sister Of Night, A Question Of Lust, and Enjoy The Silence were performed as acoustic renditions. A Question Of Lust had only been performed one other time in this manner on the Singles tour, at 1998-12-09 Sacramento. You can find a recording of the band's soundcheck at 1998-12-02 Boise, ID where these acoustic versions are rehearsed here: 1998-12-02 Idaho Center, Boise, ID, USA/Source 2

Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins joins during Never Let Me Down Again to sing lead vocals and play guitar. The Smashing Pumpkins covered the song for the 1998 Depeche Mode tribute album For The Masses.

An MP3 of a bit of relevant post-show radio chatter is included as a bonus in the archive download.

Source 1 from this concert is what seems to be a lossy source, but its dynamic range is much better than this FM broadcast recording. According to a post by BRAT (official depechemode.com webmaster) on the fan-site Home, both the soundboard feed and the FM broadcast feed were run through MPEG delay, causing MP3-like sound.[1] The post is quoted below:

The disc I sent out to people was off the air.

I have a copy direct from KROQ's broadcast board, but it still sucks because BOTH the board feed, and the broadcast feed were run through a MPEG delay. MPEG delay (for any possible profanity) = crap, MP3-like sound.

The only good copy I have heard is the KROQ video that is on depechemode.com. All others are horrible.

Even if you knew people at KROQ (like I did), you could not get a flawless copy. It still had sh*tty artifacts through it. The only reason why my copy might sound better is because I was using a $400 Radio Shack antenna (hacked into a neighbor's antenna). ;)



You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [6:04] Play Barrel Of A Gun
  2. [5:02] Play Policy Of Truth
  3. [4:43] Play It's No Good
  4. [7:59] Play Walking In My Shoes
  5. [4:31] Play Sister Of Night (*)
  6. [3:57] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  7. [4:02] Play Enjoy The Silence
  8. [5:22] Play In Your Room
  9. [5:43] Play Behind The Wheel
  10. [7:13] Play Personal Jesus
  11. [6:55] Play Never Let Me Down Again (With Billy Corgan)
  12. [1:44] Play Postshow
  • Total time: 1:03:15


  • silver CD (not sure which one) -> Audiograbber -> FLAC level 8



  1. Source: Home forum, BRATMix Re: 08 04 90 - Dodgers, registration required to view