2001-06-09 Exciter Tour Rehearsals, Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec City, QC, Canada

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From the Exciter Tour diary, it is clear that Depeche Mode spent June 8th through 10th in 2001 rehearsing before the first concert of the tour at Colisee Pepsi Arena, Quebec. What is interesting, is that on June 9th they had a public rehearsal, in front of lucky contest winners. There have been a few other times that Depeche Mode did a rehearsal in front of contest winners: another time was by Dave Gahan and his Paper Monsters live band in May 2003, and Depeche Mode rehearsed in front of lucky fans in March 2017 and April 2017.

Unfortunately this is all we know about this public rehearsal, so if you know more, please contact us.

Thursday, June 7

"We got into Quebec City at about 11:30 PM and began rehearsals Friday at the venue - Colisee Pepsi. It is so amazing to see everything up and working after so much preparation. It is also so different hearing the guys perform in a large venue rather than the tiny studio they were previously practicing in up in Santa Barbara.

On Saturday, there were some interviews with Canadian press that went very well - a couple of daily papers along with some TVs. We also had 6 contest winners from 3 different radio stations come and meet the band, then stay for 30 minutes of the rehearsal. They all seemed to enjoy it and were able to take part in a very special event."

Sunday, June 10

"Tonight we had a dress rehearsal, which was fun because the guys wore what they are going to wear for the first show, and the set went along with no stops. They sounded amazing and the lights and projections looked great. We are all very excited for the first show on Monday."