2003-06-15 Provinssirock Festival, Seinäjoki, Finland

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Here is the diary entry from DaveGahan.com:

Ok... Shmorg once more. All right, I don't know where we are (Finland?) and I don't care...Seeing our tour bus after four days on a crop duster was a massive relief, even though it was freezing out. Talk about contrasts. Checked into hotel, went to go sleep and spent 15 minutes trying to find the extra set of curtains to screen out the Nordic light...they don't exist. Thoughts of the movie "Insomnia"...the Norwegian one, not the crap Hollywood remake.... Don't get me started! I got up e few hours later and went to the downstairs restaurant for my usual large consumption of caffeine. Had a pre-fix conversation with Courtney from "The Dandy Warhol's" blurry blurry...(they were in electric lady studios while David and I were recording "Paper Monsters"), and set off to the festival...We're all confused. We played a great set for the Vikings and immediately stormed off to shmorg (I said it again) at Micky D's. Conversations of Russia and the stupid mother fokker, and we convoy off to St.Petersburg.

Author: Knox


  1. Hidden Houses
  2. Hold On
  3. Dirty Sticky Floors
  4. A Question Of Time
  5. Bitter Apple
  6. Black And Blue Again
  7. Stay
  8. A Little Piece
  9. Walking In My Shoes
  10. I Need You
  11. Bottle Living
  12. Personal Jesus
  13. Goodbye
  14. I Feel You
  15. Never Let Me Down Again
  16. Enjoy The Silence / Just Can't Get Enough