2003-06-18 Olimpiski, Moscow, Russia

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Here is the diary entry from DaveGahan.com:

If you ever make this journey, here's a bit of advice. Don't ever drive from St.Petersburg to Moscow. These roads were made for tanks and that's probably what has traveled them since they were built. Our bus looked like a tornado hit it. Shit was all over the front lounge. Nothing survived. Martyn witnessed Dave's bus fishtail, subsequently throwing David out bed, forcing him to stay up for the duration. For some reason we arrived at the venue, instead of the hotel, only to turn around and travel another forty minutes to our waiting beds. This was a fifteen-hour boxing match. We all were bruised.

After the usual attack on Red Square by our band of tourists, we set off for the gig. Mayhem. We're playing with "Massive Attack" again. A lot of camaraderie fueled by the sharing of the Fokker 50 and customs hell. Oh yeah, they are great live. Hopefully I'll catch their New York show in September.

The next day we fly to Kiev. Saying goodbye to our "Massive" boys and girls (very broken from the night/morning of antics), we left Russia with anticipation of civilization. No such luck. By the way, Martyn never got see a Moose (one of his many obsessions), even though the bus drivers say they saw seven... I know for a fact, that one of those Moose was a deer...or the Russian equivalent.

Author: Knox

Moscow Grooves Institute, Runes, Deti Picasso, and Dave Gahan were the support acts for Massive Attack.

Ivan Kirchuk of the band Руны ("Runes") reported about this concert:

"It is always hard to play where you are not expected. Additionally, we were playing song recordings, because three of our members could not perform. People were waiting for Dave Gahan, so they were indifferent towards some unknown "grandfathers from Belarus", or so we called somewhere on the Internet." [Ivan shows a video clip of the audience shouting "Gahan! Gahan!" while Kirchuk is singing.]

Set list

  1. Hidden Houses
  2. Hold On
  3. Dirty Sticky Floors
  4. A Question Of Time
  5. Bitter Apple
  6. Black And Blue Again
  7. Stay
  8. A Little Piece
  9. Walking In My Shoes
  10. I Need You
  11. Bottle Living
  12. Personal Jesus
  13. Goodbye
  14. I Feel You
  15. Never Let Me Down Again
  16. Enjoy The Silence / Just Can't Get Enough