2013-10-11 Austin City Limits Festival, Austin, TX, USA/Source 2

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This webcast has superb video and audio quality. Welcome To My World started late and thus is missing about three-quarters of the song. There is audible spillover of other bands' performances that night at the end of some songs, most noticeably after the end of But Not Tonight, but otherwise the audio quality is excellent, by far the best of the webcast festival concerts.

The often jarring video effects can be explained by the fact that this webstream is a broadcast of the giant screen feed used by the band. This may also explain why Welcome To My World is incomplete, because the giant feed screen may begin displaying at that point in the song.


The webstream's entire sound track is below for your listening enjoyment. This is the original AAC audio demuxed from the 1080p webstream, so this is the highest quality you will find anywhere. You can download this audio, split into tracks for convenience, at Source 1.

Track list

  1. [2:20] Welcome To My World
  2. [4:34] Angel
  3. [6:44] Walking In My Shoes
  4. [5:04] Precious
  5. [4:59] Behind The Wheel
  6. [5:39] World In My Eyes
  7. [7:01] But Not Tonight (*)
  8. [4:24] A Pain That I'm Used To
  9. [4:23] A Question Of Time
  10. [7:16] Enjoy The Silence
  11. [10:45] Personal Jesus
  12. [5:24] Shake The Disease (*)
  13. [5:33] Just Can't Get Enough
  14. [6:44] I Feel You
  15. [7:16] Never Let Me Down Again
  • Total time: 1:28:09



  • Video specifications: H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (part 10) (avc1) 1920x1080 29.97FPS
  • Audio specifications: ~256kbps AAC / LC VBR 48kHz stereo