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This song is not to be confused with an early, unreleased Depeche Mode song "Addiction" which was sometimes referred to as "Closer", "Closer All The Time", or "Ghost Of Modern Time". This song is the B-side to Dave Gahan's 2003 single I Need You and was originally created in 1996.

Dave told in Februrary 2003:

"I guess the first time I really plucked up enough courage to play something to Martin was a song, which is actually going to be a b-side, called "Closer". I played him, during the Ultra sessions, a rough demo I made, which was basically me tapping my foot, and singing. I played it to Martin, and I could tell he liked it. For a moment there I felt like it was going to be on Ultra. I was very excited. That lasted about three days. Then, there was this big band discussion about tracks. We had only recorded a few songs with Tim Simenon, and then we had this discussion, and everybody came to the conclusion that the song didn't fit with the theme that the album was heading in. At the time, I was quite hurt by that, and it knocked me back a few years, to be honest."

Dave Gahan told the June 2009 issue of MOJO:

"Mart had had a few drinks[1] — that was probably why I plucked up courage. He listened to it and he said to me, 'Great! That's one less I've got to come up with.' I got really excited."

Dave Gahan said in the Paper Monsters EPK (#IPKSTUMM216) that this was the first song recorded for Paper Monsters:

"[Knox Chandler] said, 'I’ve got a little work room in my house, come over next week.' And so sure enough I went over there the next week and had this one song which has now ended up… it will probably be a B-side, it’s called 'Closer'. I sung him the song and he started playing some guitar and to be honest we just made it a regular event, we started getting together and it was about writing really."

Dates where Closer (Dave Gahan song) was played

Closer (Dave Gahan song) has never been played live.

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  1. User:Angelinda says: I remember reading a scanned interview from a French magazine from 2005 in which Martin Gore said that when Dave Gahan revealed this song to Martin, Martin was happy drunk and so he said "That's a great song Dave!" Then as soon as the conversation was over, Martin descended a flight of stairs and proceeded to puke all over the floor and passed out. The next day, the other band members told Martin what Martin had said to Dave but Martin could not remember a thing. Unfortunately I cannot retrieve this exact quote since the interview has not been transcribed into editable text.