Breathing In Fumes

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You may also be looking for Breathing In Fumes, a Depeche Mode podcast created by Glen at Home.


Martin singing 'Breathing in fumes'
Martin singing 'Breathing in fumes'

In the documentary on the Black Celebration Remaster DVD from 2006, a little bit of footage by Alan Wilder of Martin Gore can be seen, singing the lyrics of "Breating In Fumes". In another shot of old footage in the same documentary, Daniel Miller says that Martin had edited this song [rehashed from 'Stripped'].

Gareth Jones said in this interview:

"We worked on that in Hansa as I recall. It's our remix of Stripped. You'd have the single version of that track, Flood's Highland Mix of the track and this was our own 12" mix of some kind. Because Flood had prepared what we'd have called the Extended Mix, we did our own experimental thing."

Dates where Breathing In Fumes was played

Breathing In Fumes has never been played live.