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Martin Gore told Rolling Stone France:

"[...] the very last song that I wrote for the album [Spirit] was 'So Much Love', because I felt that I had to write something positive. I felt that I had to say that, with all this going, it doesn't matter what you do to me, there is still a lot of love in me."

Martin told Keys Magazin (translated from German):

"Sounds really influence the composition of a song. An example of this would be the song 'So Much Love'. At the beginning there was a driving main sound, which I programmed on a Eurorack synthesizer. Ultimately it is this sound that helped the track to its somewhat punky feel."

Dave Gahan told Phil Marriott that for 'So Much Love', Depeche Mode wanted "a vintage, kind of broken, busted up drum-sound."

Dave Gahan told Rolling Stone about 'So Much Love':

"It's like we have so much love here, we really do, but we're afraid to use it and access it. It's the old John Lennon thing, like, 'love and peace, man.' [...] ['So Much Love'] also reminds me of early electronic stuff, like Tuxedomoon and Cabaret Voltaire, who did kind of punky, distorted songs."

Paradiso asked if 'So Much Love' would not have been better as the final track on 'Spirit' since it would have ended it on a happy note, to which Dave Gahan replied:

"Well, funnily enough, there was one tracklisting on the album where 'So Much Love' was the final song. I did feel like it should be the final song on the album. And Martin felt that we should end the album in a different way, so I was pretty much outvoted. And that's the way it goes, we are a democracy, it doesn't mean I have to be right. I understand what you are saying because I felt that the songs, all the songs on the album, are all leading in a certain direction, and I felt like this was the song that says we all still have so much love in us. Let's have some hopefulness at the end of this dark tunnel. [But] it worked: it would always have worked no matter where it is [on the album]."

Martin told Amazon:

"[...] One of the suggestions was for us to finish [the album] on that song, but it didn't really work. It worked thematically: it would have been great. But it was the only really fast song that we had. And to end on that, people would have to get through all the slow songs before getting to, you know, faster than, I don't know what it is, 110 [bpm] or something."

Dates with available recordings of So Much Love

There are currently 26 recordings of So Much Love available.

Dates where So Much Love was played

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

So Much Love was played 64 times during this tour.