1987-10-27 Paleur, Rome, Italy/Source 1

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A very good audience recording, much better than the existing recording which is sourced from the 2x silver CD bootleg "Italiantour 11/87". This recording played too fast and had a lot of clipping and some volume issues; automatic phase correction took care of most of this along with a little bit of manual editing to normalize the really loud peaks when the recording level was adjusted too harshly. I adjusted the speed to match the official '101' release, of course. A buzzing noise can occasionally be heard, mostly in the left channel, but removing this would harm the sound too significantly in my opinion, so I left it be.

Unfortunately, this recording cannot be shared in lossless form due to trader restriction. However, AAC encoding is very efficient and at this high of a bitrate, it is completely transparent to the lossless version, so please do not complain about the lack of a lossless version and enjoy the recording instead. :)

Note that an extended version of People Are People is played, adding an extended middle break. This version is last played at 1987-10-30 Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy, after which the "regular" shorter version is played.

Many thanks to LastViolator for allowing me to work on this recording and for sharing it with all of us. RIP Tiburon.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [3:55] Play Pimpf
  2. [5:42] Play Behind The Wheel
  3. [4:54] Play Strangelove
  4. [5:14] Play Sacred
  5. [3:56] Play Something To Do
  6. [5:11] Play Blasphemous Rumours
  7. [6:25] Play Stripped
  8. [4:12] Play Pipeline (*)
  9. [4:13] Play The Things You Said (*)
  10. [4:41] Play Black Celebration
  11. [5:12] Play Shake The Disease
  12. [4:39] Play Nothing
  13. [4:37] Play Pleasure, Little Treasure
  14. [5:24] Play People Are People
  15. [4:15] Play A Question Of Time
  16. [8:45] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  17. [4:13] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  18. [8:04] Play Master And Servant
  19. [6:35] Play Everything Counts
  • Total time: 1:40:07


  • Complete audience recording
  • Lineage: unknown taper and equipment -> low generation tapes -> unknown transfer -> FLAC 16-bit 44.1khz -> in Adobe Audition CC 2014.1: slowed down 4.0%, normalized to -3.0dB and any DC bias removed, automatic phase correction (auto align channels, auto center panning, all settings set to most accurate possible), volume normalization tweaks here and there, fade-in, normalized to -0.1dB -> WAV -> tracks split via cuesheet to AAC (Apple) VBR Q 127 (320kbps)
  • Mastered by DMLiveWiki October 2014.