1987-12-04 The Forum, Inglewood, CA, USA/Source 1

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A rather poor sounding recording. There is a considerable amount of hiss and background noise, and there are many excited fans around the taper making noise. The second half of the recording (Shake The Disease forward) is much noisier than the first half. "Pimpf" is missing entirely, Stripped is missing about a minute and a half of music near the beginning, Pipeline is missing the last few seconds, The Things You Said misses the first few seconds, Never Let Me Down Again is missing some music near the beginning, and A Question Of Lust is missing about 10 seconds from the beginning of the song.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [5:43] Play Behind The Wheel
  2. [4:51] Play Strangelove
  3. [5:11] Play Sacred
  4. [3:50] Play Something To Do
  5. [5:12] Play Blasphemous Rumours
  6. [4:37] Play Stripped
  7. [3:43] Play Pipeline (*)
  8. [4:07] Play The Things You Said (*)
  9. [4:39] Play Black Celebration
  10. [5:10] Play Shake The Disease
  11. [4:39] Play Nothing
  12. [4:35] Play Pleasure, Little Treasure
  13. [4:58] Play People Are People
  14. [4:14] Play A Question Of Time
  15. [5:30] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  16. [3:50] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  17. [6:32] Play Master And Servant
  18. [6:40] Play Everything Counts
  • Total time: 1:28:00


  • unknown equipment -> Maxell XL II 90 cassette (2nd or 3rd gen copy) -> Sony TC-WE805S tape deck (no Dolby noise reduction setting) -> RCA to 3.5mm cable -> TASCAM DR-2D (line in @ 85 percent, 24/48) -> 16GB SD card -> USB to PC -> normalized to -1.0dB and any DC offset removed, slowed down 4.0% using Audacity 2.0.5 -> WAV (24/48) -> FLAC level 8 (16/44) using foobar2000 v1.2.9, FLAC 1.3.0 64-bit, and Resampler (SoX), best quality
  • Generation: 2nd or 3rd gen
  • Taper: unknown
  • Transfer: DMLiveWiki
    • Thanks to dmlive2k for lending this tape for me to transfer.
  • Cassette tape photos and auCDtectTaskManager log included