1988-05-08 Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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Apparently, a fight broke out between Alan Wilder and Andy Fletcher during this concert, because Fletcher criticised Dave Gahan's performance. Steve Malins asked Wilder about it for his DM biography, and here is his response:

"Yes, that's true. I thought that was a bit rich coming from him, and a physical brawl did ensue between us. Punches were thrown, some landed, some missed and I heard that a few tears were shed. The worst thing was that we all had to go straight back on stage to play 'Just Can't Get Enough'."

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark was the support act.

Set list

  1. Pimpf
  2. Behind The Wheel
  3. Strangelove
  4. Sacred
  5. Something To Do
  6. Blasphemous Rumours
  7. Stripped
  8. Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth (*)
  9. The Things You Said (*)
  10. Black Celebration
  11. Shake The Disease
  12. Nothing
  13. Pleasure, Little Treasure
  14. Master And Servant
  15. A Question Of Time
  16. Never Let Me Down Again
  17. A Question Of Lust (*)
  18. Just Can't Get Enough
  19. Everything Counts


  • Source 1 is a barely listenable audience recording.


All photos courtesy of Amanda E..


Credit to Amanda E..