1990-06-22 CNE Grandstand, Toronto, ON, Canada

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Nitzer Ebb and Jesus and the Mary Chain were the support acts.

According to Billboard, the attendance was 29,839 people (sold out) and they grossed US$1.657.555.

Attendee Mike Bax wrote: "[...] it poured rain so hard throughout this performance, I'm still amazed the show wasn't cancelled. At one point during Nitzer Ebb's performance, the wind and rain was so relentless that the massive DM backdrop got blown loose and flapped around behind the band as they played - it looked dangerous.[...]"

Listen to an anecdote by fans here.

Andy Franks said in 2021:

"[...] When we were in Toronto, we played at that outdoor stadium, where they played the baseball. And they used to pull that stage out. You'd set up the stage, and they play the baseball, and they turn the stage round, and the band would play on this. And because we hadn't built the extensions on the stage, and [because] it of course fucking rained like it was always gonna do, the band were really sort of pissed off. I went up in the middle of the show, [during] this bit where Martin Gore would come out and sing. Dave and Fletch were backstage, and Dave was fucking losing it because of the rain. And we went back on stage, and as they came on stage, these two 35mm screens used to drop - you know, roll-drops. And one of them came down, and because of my blindness, this screen knocked on my head, and knocked me out. So, I'm on the floor, knocked out, and the band are walking on. And Dave is looking around, and Dave thinks I've been killed! So he's gone on stage, and he's looking at the others, and he's singing, but he's sort of going, "We're gonna have to stop the show and everything." Meanwhile, they're looking for paramedics. While this is going on, I come to, wake up, look out, see that one of the fucking followspots isn't working properly, so I just go off into the gig, to give this fucking followspot guy a bollocking. By the time I get backstage, there's about 50 people, and they've had a search party out for me and everything. They had to put me in front of the stage so that Dave can see I'm still alive, so he can carry on with the gig."

Set list

  1. Kaleid
  2. World In My Eyes
  3. Halo
  4. Shake The Disease
  5. Everything Counts
  6. Master And Servant
  7. Never Let Me Down Again
  8. Waiting For The Night
  9. I Want You Now (*)
  10. World Full Of Nothing (*)
  11. Clean
  12. Stripped
  13. Policy Of Truth
  14. Enjoy The Silence
  15. Strangelove
  16. Personal Jesus
  17. Black Celebration
  18. A Question Of Time
  19. Behind The Wheel
  20. Route 66



Credit to John Pires.