1990-08-04 Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles, CA, USA/Source 2

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An okay audience recording. There is some noticeable hiss and noise, with an occasional ringing sound throughout. The audience can be quite loud at times. However, it appears to be a complete recording. The original info file, written by Doinker, is reprinted below for its whimsical and amusing story:

"How It All Went Down" (A Doinker Fantasy... or is it?)

You and your buddies and that chick who gets drunk all the time scored tickets to the hottest gig in town. All 48,000 seats got sold out in less than five hours but the call went through, and here you are. Someone suggested you tape the gig, so you bought or borrowed a decent rig. The chick started doing shots beforehand, and hey she's kind of big anyway so you got up the courage and asked her to stuff the deck into her chest in order to get past security. Boy, did she! How can someone built that way behave like a complete a...

You shake those thoughts and make it to the stadium. You unpack the grill, and chug your first beers with the burgers and hot dogs from the back of the car. You have to distract the chick and swipe her beer as she's already starting to lose it and you have to get that rig through security. She keeps flashing that rig at you while sticking her tongue out, making it difficult to concentrate.

To your stunned surprise, she makes it through security in a complete change of character. You find your seats, get the rig out, and the show starts. With 48,000 people yelling and screaming, the band is hard to hear at first. Your "girlfriend" just won't shut up. You try to make a decent recording "for the record of being there", but soon give up. The tape is going to suck, and any thoughts of a masterpiece are quickly put aside. So you settle down to enjoy the show. After the first few songs things are quieting down a little, and the band is coming through. You get the idea to try to finish the recording anyway, and you succeed somewhat carelessly.

A few weeks later, by chance you meet someone who can bootleg the recording. You pass the tape along, hoping to get a few copies. That never materializes, but several weeks later you do see the two-record set for sale and get yourself a copy as a souvenier. To your surprise, on vinyl the show doesn't sound as good as you remembered it was. But as for you and your buddies, you had a great time when it happened and now you have some noteriety as well. And the girl? Well, she doesn't remember much of that day. When you first played the tape back for her when she was sober, she became embarrassed and abusive. Now maybe you won't get things together after all.

And, that's it!


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [3:32] Play Kaleid
  2. [5:17] Play World In My Eyes
  3. [4:40] Play Halo
  4. [5:16] Play Shake The Disease
  5. [6:06] Play Everything Counts
  6. [4:00] Play Master And Servant
  7. [7:05] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  8. [5:58] Play Waiting For The Night
  9. [3:13] Play I Want You Now (*)
  10. [3:12] Play World Full Of Nothing (*)
  11. [6:17] Play Clean
  12. [3:42] Play Stripped
  13. [5:08] Play Policy Of Truth
  14. [7:52] Play Enjoy The Silence
  15. [4:55] Play Strangelove
  16. [5:58] Play Personal Jesus
  17. [1:34] Play Applause
  18. [4:30] Play Black Celebration
  19. [4:41] Play A Question Of Time
  20. [3:08] Play Applause
  21. [5:27] Play Behind The Wheel
  22. [6:26] Play Route 66
  • Total time: 1:47:57


  • LPs -> Sony Soundforge (click and crackle removal) -> rejoin tracks and sides of LPs -> 20.1 cents speed up -> FLAC level 8
  • Transfer: Doinker