1994-04-10 Complejo Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile/Source 1

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A very good audience recording. This recording was purportedly sourced from a professional boom microphone located in the venue's sound tent, which was then broadcast over a local FM radio station. The bass can be distorted, depending on the song, and the vocals can be a little difficult to hear sometimes over the music, but it is still a very enjoyable recording. "Enjoy The Silence" is missing the last three minutes of the song, and the final two tracks of "Policy Of Truth" and "A Question Of Time" are missing, presumably due to 90-minute cassette tape time constraints. There is a tape flip between "A Question Of Lust" and "I Want You Now", but no music is lost.

If you are able to confirm any more information about the lineage of this recording, or provide an upgrade or better source for me to transfer, please contact me! This is a recording that definitely deserves a good, low-generation source transferred well without MiniDisc in the lineage that degrades the sound.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list


  1. [1:02] Play Intro
  2. [6:50] Play Rush
  3. [4:46] Play Halo
  4. [5:17] Play Behind The Wheel
  5. [4:41] Play Everything Counts
  6. [6:17] Play World In My Eyes
  7. [6:44] Play Walking In My Shoes
  8. [5:21] Play Stripped
  9. [3:58] Play Condemnation (*)
  10. [4:35] Play A Question Of Lust (*)


  1. [4:59] Play I Want You Now (*)
  2. [6:38] Play In Your Room
  3. [5:02] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  4. [7:17] Play I Feel You
  5. [8:37] Play Personal Jesus
  6. [4:18] Play Somebody (*)
  7. [4:19] Play Enjoy The Silence
  • Total time: 1:30:41


  • professional boom mic located in sound tent -> FM radio broadcast (unknown station) -> unknown taping equipment -> unknown generation -> MiniDisc transfer -> 2xCD-R -> unknown ripping program -> FLAC level 8