1994-07-07 Marcus Amphitheatre, Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Stabbing Westward and Primal Scream were the support acts.


Set list

  1. Rush
  2. Halo
  3. Behind The Wheel
  4. Everything Counts
  5. World In My Eyes
  6. Walking In My Shoes
  7. Stripped
  8. Condemnation (*)
  9. I Want You Now (*)
  10. In Your Room
  11. Never Let Me Down Again
  12. I Feel You
  13. Personal Jesus
  14. Somebody (*)
  15. Enjoy The Silence
  16. A Question Of Time

Ticket scans


  • Source 1 is a good sounding, complete audience recording.
  • Source 2 is Falko N's good audience recording sourced from a first-generation cassette; treble is rather shrill, and there is a constant rumbling noise throughout.