1998-09-18 Waldbühne, Berlin, Germany

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Andy Fletcher said this about this concert and/or the following concert:

"To go back on stage and really perform, like we're doing right at the moment, is a real joy. I was watching during our show in Berlin, and Dave was singing fantastically, the audience was going crazy, and I was just staring at it all - and I ended up forgetting what I was playing. It was spectacular, and the crowd response was unreal. It's just been great fun."

Here is the diary entry by Jez Webb from Bong magazine issue #40:

This venue is an outdoor amphitheatre built to accommodate around 12,000 fanatics of a certain Mr. Hitler. That’s the Nazi dictator, not the lesser known trombone player who was around the same time and whose career was blighted by his namesake (difficult getting bookings for a world tour). We played here on the last tour. It rained throughout the gig and the stage had to be mopped after each song. We gave the good Lord a two day opportunity to drench us this time, thankfully he didn’t pick up on the option. It’s an impressive sight looking out from stage on a wall of people as they rise up away from you. “Never Let Me Down Again” had the obligatory arm waving, which got a few of us crew grabbing for our cameras.

And here is the diary entry by Jody:

It was a long journey from the hotel to the gig, but we did get to go through the Brandenburg date, and cross over the red line (which used to be "the wall"). That was quite good on the sightseeing side.

The venue is fantastic in Berlin. It didn't rain (which is good, considering that it was an outdoor gig). The gig went off - it was totally nuts.

Purity was the support act. Tim Simenon DJed before and after Purity's set.


Set list

  1. Painkiller
  2. A Question Of Time
  3. World In My Eyes
  4. Policy Of Truth
  5. It's No Good
  6. Never Let Me Down Again
  7. Walking In My Shoes
  8. Only When I Lose Myself
  9. A Question Of Lust (*)
  10. Home (*)
  11. Condemnation
  12. In Your Room
  13. Useless
  14. Enjoy The Silence
  15. Personal Jesus
  16. Barrel Of A Gun
  17. Somebody (*)
  18. Stripped
  19. I Feel You
  20. Just Can't Get Enough


  • Source 1 is a Falko N's good master audience recording.
  • Source 2 is Ohst101's decent master audience recording; somewhat muffled with occasional skips in the recording.
  • Source 3 is a good audience recording, but unfortunately with frequent distortion crackles in many of the songs.


Credit to stefler.