1998-11-13 Miami Arena, Miami, FL, USA/Source 1

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A very good audience recording. Not much crowd noise around the taper.

Notes from Ryan who performed this transfer:

I've been pestering JD to let me transfer some of his DAT masters for almost a decade. Late last year, he sent me a HUGE box of DAT tapes. I am finally starting to sift through them and make headway on them. This is one of the tapes I was really looking forward to transferring. A really good tape. I did two transfers of this on two different DAT decks. On a Tascam DA-20 and then a TCD-D8. The first pass had some static in it, so I did another one on the D8 and it was better. The static that is on the tape is not because of the deck, it is from the tape itself. But I was able to remove the 5-6 bits of static that were on the original release on the wiki. Very pleased with that. This is definitely the definitive version of the recording and all other copies can be scrapped. No EQ'ing done to this tape. Just a raw file, but a really good recording from the Singles Tour!

A right-shot video recording from this concert is also available as Source 2.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

The master tape.
  1. [3:11] Play Painkiller
  2. [4:22] Play A Question Of Time
  3. [5:37] Play World In My Eyes
  4. [5:03] Play Policy Of Truth
  5. [4:43] Play It's No Good
  6. [6:35] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  7. [6:19] Play Walking In My Shoes
  8. [5:25] Play Only When I Lose Myself
  9. [4:23] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  10. [6:03] Play Home (*)
  11. [4:22] Play Condemnation
  12. [5:25] Play In Your Room
  13. [5:24] Play Useless
  14. [6:52] Play Enjoy The Silence
  15. [5:54] Play Personal Jesus
  16. [6:18] Play Barrel Of A Gun
  17. [4:39] Play Somebody (*)
  18. [5:32] Play Stripped
  19. [7:45] Play I Feel You
  20. [4:38] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  • Total time: 1:48:30


  • Sony ECM-44B microphones + Sony TCD-D8 DAT recorder (16/48) -> Apogee AD124 Master DAT -> Sony TCD-D8 -> 7-Pin -> Digi In -> Adobe Audition -> WAV (normalize to -0.1 db, remove static) -> Fission (track) -> xACT -> FLAC 16-bit 48khz
  • Taper: JD
  • Location: Side of the stage in an almost empty section
  • Transfer: RyanJ
  • DAT photos and auCDtectTaskManager log included