2009-12-10 The O2, Dublin, Ireland

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This concert was announced on March 24th, 2009.

Something went wrong with Peter Gordeno's keyboard setting when he intends to play Never Let Me Down Again, as can be watched here. Dave jokes: "Pete's gone all medieval on us for a minute there. [As if] we live in the thirteenth century or something. Bear with us, he will get it. You probably know it, though, don't you? Sort of, by that melody that he played?" Gordeno is playing some kind of tune when his keyboard is being fixed. Michael Lyons, Fletcher's brother-in-law, stated that he asked Gordeno afterwards if that tune was from 'Only When I Lose Myself' and indeed it was.

Here is the diary entry for Depeche Mode's official tour blog:

I decided to bring the family to Dublin, as it was a very quick flight and relatively close to home. We arrived in Dublin at 8am and grabbed a bite to eat, had a walk around and then got a water taxi to the venue, which is the other side of a currently bridgeless section of the River. Everything was going well, it was all starting to take shape. We bidded our farewells to the crew and headed off, checked into our Apartment and grabbed a few hours sleep, as it was going to be a late night.

We arrived back at the venue at around 5pm and the stage looked beautiful in the purple glow, the venue has recently been transformed and although I can't compare from before I think it's simply stunning now, quite possibly the nicest arena I have been to so far. There were already several hundred fans waiting in line.

One thing that struck me about the Irish is how friendly they are, and the security staff at the show were no exception, they simply couldn't do enough for you, and the whole evening had a very friendly atmosphere.

The show was amazing from start to finish, the place exploded when the band walked on, and the atmosphere was incredible until the last note was played. Dave and Martin kept grinning at each other and Fletch clearly loved the show. During the now customary 'Home' jam Dave said 'you are the best yet' and I think he was right.

During the show I took a peek behind the screens just below Christian, and I was blown away - you could barely hear the music, just the beat of the drums - the power was amazing, and it makes you realise how much Christian gives with each performance.

The after show was a family affair, there were lots of kids there. Martin was having a few pictures taken at the end of the party, and my 2 kids grabbed their opportunity and the result is included.

If Depeche Mode ever played in Dublin again I would definitely head over there - it was one hell of a show.

Next stop for me is Birmingham, the closest to my home.

author: Big Pete

Soulsavers were the support act. Andrea Corr (from The Corrs) was in attendance.

Set list

  1. In Chains
  2. Wrong
  3. Hole To Feed
  4. Walking In My Shoes
  5. It's No Good
  6. A Question Of Time
  7. Precious
  8. World In My Eyes
  9. Insight (*)
  10. Home (*)
  11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
  12. Policy Of Truth
  13. In Your Room
  14. I Feel You
  15. Enjoy The Silence
  16. Never Let Me Down Again
  17. One Caress (*)
  18. Stripped
  19. Behind The Wheel
  20. Personal Jesus

Set list info obtained from the Home forum.