2018-06-26 Volt Festival, Sopron, Hungary/Source 2

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Superb sounding, well-mixed soundboard audio. This capture is a complete index capture of the original broadcast and does not have any glitches that were not inherent to the stream. Going Backwards is present in this capture - but unfortunately, it is still missing several large segments. Besides the flaws in Going Backwards, the rest of the stream seems to be without major issues.

The video of this concert is available at Source 1.

The streams below have not been re-encoded; these are the same 128kbps M4A files you can download in the archive.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [4:38] Play Going Backwards
  2. [5:16] Play It's No Good
  3. [4:44] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  4. [5:53] Play Useless
  5. [5:01] Play Precious
  6. [5:49] Play World In My Eyes
  7. [5:34] Play Cover Me
  8. [4:36] Play The Things You Said (*)
  9. [6:59] Play In Your Room
  10. [7:30] Play Everything Counts
  11. [5:26] Play Stripped
  12. [6:18] Play Personal Jesus
  13. [9:55] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  14. [5:21] Play Somebody (*)
  15. [7:27] Play Walking In My Shoes
  16. [7:34] Play Enjoy The Silence
  17. [7:33] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  • Total time: 1:45:33


  • YouTube 1080p broadcast -> index capture performed after stream end -> .ts file -> chopped excessive pre and postshow festival banner silence -> split into tracks using mkvtoolnix -> .MKA files -> demuxed AAC files from .MKA containers -> placed into M4A containers -> tagged using foobar2000
  • Audio specifications: AAC 128kbps 48 KHz stereo