Going Backwards

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Martin Gore told Amazon:

"An album starts taking shape, for me, really, when you have about four songs together, and we had gone down a cynical path. And I thought, "Okay well, maybe I just gotta go with this." Well as I said, it was definitely one of the first songs that I had written, and I think it was actually one of the first songs that we had started working on in the studio. And I think that from an early point we all deep down knew that it would be the first track on the album, so it was an important track. Even though we never regarded it as a single or anything like that, it was more of a statement."

When Neue Zürcher Zeitung hypothesised that "'Going Backwards' is about a civilizational regression where society and technology are developing as fast as never before", Martin Gore replied:

"Yes, but that's just a reason for decay. I have long believed that new technologies would bring the world together - the world would be united by them. We were all enthusiastic about the Arab Spring, when people started organising themselves with social media and fought for their freedom. But then everything went wrong: the Middle East seems to be falling apart."

Dave Gahan told Rolling Stone:

"If we want things to change, a revolution, we need to talk about it and about caring about what goes on in the world. It doesn't seem the way things are in London. We seem to be going in another direction, and I think Martin felt like he needed to express that [with 'Going Backwards']."

Hotmix radio asked Andy Fletcher about his favourite song of 'Spirit', and he replied:

"I think it would be '[Going] Backwards'. I don't know why. I've never really given it enough attention, because I do like 'Cover Me' as well, but we open our set with 'Backwards', and it really sounds good."

Dates with available recordings of Going Backwards

There are currently 33 recordings of Going Backwards available.

Dates where Going Backwards was played

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

Going Backwards was played 136 times during this tour.