2023-05-26 Leipziger Festwiese, Leipzig, Germany/Source 3

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A very good audience recording. The audience around the crowd is fairly noisy. The recording is slightly muffled until halfway through Sister Of Night at which point the sound becomes more clear.

After Waiting For The Night, Dave gave a short remembrance speech about Andy Fletcher's passing one year ago on this date. Here is a transcription of Dave's speech:

We just want to acknowledge that tonight is one year since we lost our friend Andrew Fletcher. And we know that he would love this and would love to have been here with you all tonight. So let's all just remember him in our hearts please. Thank you.

Many thanks to CPR for taping and sharing. This recording was originally shared on May 26, 2024, in observance of the second anniversary of Fletch's passing.

Both the original high-resolution 24-bit, 96KHz fileset and a downsampled version in 16-bit, 44.1KHz are available for download below.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [1:05] Play Preshow
  2. [2:13] Play Intro (Speak To Me)
  3. [5:14] Play My Cosmos Is Mine
  4. [3:35] Play Wagging Tongue
  5. [6:46] Play Walking In My Shoes
  6. [5:05] Play It's No Good
  7. [5:48] Play Sister Of Night
  8. [5:06] Play In Your Room
  9. [7:04] Play Everything Counts
  10. [5:10] Play Precious
  11. [5:00] Play Speak To Me
  12. [4:32] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  13. [4:45] Play Soul With Me (*)
  14. [4:14] Play Ghosts Again
  15. [5:05] Play I Feel You
  16. [4:30] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  17. [5:20] Play World In My Eyes
  18. [4:11] Play Wrong
  19. [5:16] Play Stripped
  20. [3:57] Play John The Revelator
  21. [10:46] Play Enjoy The Silence
  22. [6:41] Play Waiting For The Night
  23. [6:36] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  24. [6:31] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  25. [7:11] Play Personal Jesus
  • Total time: 2:11:41


  • Sony ECM-717 mic -> Roland R-05 (24/96) -> SanDisk SDHC UHS-I 32GB -> WAV -> Goldwave 6.76 (level increase) -> FLAC level 8 (24/96)
  • Taper: CPR
  • Taping location: FOS1 left central - distance to stage ~30m (90ft)
  • Original info file included