2023-11-10 Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Cleveland, OH, USA/Source 1

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An excellent recording. This is an audience recording matrixed with multiple in-ear monitor feeds. Here are the taper's notes:

I had floor tickets for this one and I knew if I was to film it would be pretty much a pain. So I had been looking for days prior to this show to see if I could find something that was decent for resale. Luckily, the day of, they released some seats very close to the side of the stage for $79. Which would have been perfect. I decided to get the first row, which was definitely my demise. Looking back. I should have bought a ticket a few rows back. Although my camera met every requirement to the arena the security guards were convinced it was prohibited. They said I could use my phone, which in terms of specs, would be better than the digital camera I brought in for this. But I was not about to get in to a shouting match over someone who just wants to adhere to protocol instead of understanding that the camera was not better. Especially since I wanted to pull a good Schoeps tape. I tried to pull the camera back out after he sat back down. But kept turning around throughout the show to make sure I wasn't filming. I was pretty bummed about it. But the seat was blocked by a few things on stage, so the vantage point was not the best. Also, the audio went over my seat. Maybe I should have just stayed with my initial floor seat lol.

After a few songs being salty about being shut down video recording, I took in the show. Honestly, it was better than Detroit a few nights before. Probably because it wasn't mid-week and the band was really enjoying themselves up on stage. I Feel You sounded great, with Dave doing is usual screams.

The feeds saved this recording. Listening back to the audience tape, it missed a lot of the vocals because they went right over my head with the speaker arrays. Enjoy.

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You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [2:43] Play Intro (Speak To Me)
  2. [5:12] Play My Cosmos Is Mine
  3. [3:41] Play Wagging Tongue
  4. [6:45] Play Walking In My Shoes
  5. [5:10] Play It's No Good
  6. [5:11] Play Policy Of Truth
  7. [5:11] Play In Your Room
  8. [7:03] Play Everything Counts
  9. [5:16] Play Precious
  10. [4:12] Play My Favourite Stranger
  11. [4:26] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  12. [4:31] Play Strangelove (*)
  13. [4:08] Play Ghosts Again
  14. [5:28] Play I Feel You
  15. [4:27] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  16. [5:13] Play World In My Eyes
  17. [5:12] Play Black Celebration
  18. [5:20] Play Stripped
  19. [4:16] Play John The Revelator
  20. [7:21] Play Enjoy The Silence
  21. [3:43] Play Encore Break
  22. [3:54] Play Condemnation
  23. [6:20] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  24. [6:42] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  25. [8:31] Play Personal Jesus
  • Total time: 2:09:56


  • Schoeps MK4s + Actives + Babynbox + Marantz PMD-620 (Oade Concert Mod) / Multiple Feeds -> WAV -> Adobe Multitrack (normalize to -0.1db, convert to 16/44) -> Fission (track) -> xACT -> FLAC level 8
  • Tapers: RyanJ / Anonymous
  • Tour poster, setlist sheet scan, original info file, and auCDtectTaskManager log included