2023-12-17 Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, CA, USA/Source 1

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An excellent matrix recording created from an in-ear monitor feed and two audience recordings. Notably, tracks 3, 4, and 5 only include partial in-ear monitor (IEM) audio due to recording challenges, resulting in some inconsistency. The audience recording steps in to fill the gaps, creating a good but occasionally uneven listening experience.

Efforts have been made to remove the click track where possible. However, it may still be audible here and there, and a hi-hat guide track accompanies My Cosmos Is Mine and Wagging Tongue until the kick drum begins. Some songs feature subtle cowbell guide sounds in certain sections.

The 'default' version of It's No Good includes a different feed of the IEM recording for the first approximately 90 seconds. The full IEM recording stabilizes for the last third of the track onward, and there is consistent sound for the remainder of the concert.

For those seeking a tailored experience, three bonus versions of It's No Good are provided. These options allow you to exclude audience/partial IEM tracks for your listening copy.

  • One with a fade-in at the beginning of the IEM portion, including only the last third of the song from where the consistent IEM begins.
  • The IEM portion of the song without the fade-in.
  • A pure audience version until the consistent IEM segment begins.

Additionally, if you prefer to eliminate the inconsistency in other partially IEM matrixed tracks while maintaining a complete recording, you can substitute the "audience only" tracks from either Source 2 (a matrix of the two audience sources only) or Source 3 (DMLiveWiki's recording).

Immense thanks to bias for dedicating countless hours to creating this matrix, and heartfelt thanks to fried_morals and Anonymous for their contributions in recording Source 4 and the IEM portion, respectively.

For those interested, an audience matrix of DMLiveWiki's and fried_morals's audience recordings can be accessed at Source 2.

Both individual audience recordings utilized in this matrix are available separately as Source 3 (DMLiveWiki) and Source 4 (fried_morals), respectively.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

This recording is also available on YouTube, which may be more easily consumable for some:

Track list

Credit to Paul Hodge and DMLiveWiki.
  1. [2:27] Play Intro (Speak To Me)
  2. [5:17] Play My Cosmos Is Mine
  3. [3:43] Play Wagging Tongue
  4. [6:44] Play Walking In My Shoes
  5. [5:11] Play It's No Good
  6. [5:10] Play Policy Of Truth
  7. [5:08] Play In Your Room
  8. [7:58] Play Everything Counts
  9. [5:15] Play Precious
  10. [4:11] Play My Favourite Stranger
  11. [7:19] Play Home (*)
  12. [6:35] Play But Not Tonight (*)
  13. [4:09] Play Ghosts Again
  14. [5:23] Play I Feel You
  15. [4:27] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  16. [5:14] Play World In My Eyes
  17. [5:13] Play Black Celebration
  18. [5:19] Play Stripped
  19. [4:19] Play John The Revelator
  20. [10:53] Play Enjoy The Silence
  21. [5:41] Play Waiting For The Night
  22. [6:22] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  23. [6:36] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  24. [8:12] Play Personal Jesus
  • Total time: 2:16:46


  • Lineage (matrix): magic work by bias
  • Lineage (DMLiveWiki Audience - Source 3): Sound Professionals SP-CMC-2 (Audio Technica AT831) cardioid microphones -> Sound Professionals SP-SPSB-4 battery box (fresh A23 battery) -> Sony PCM-A10 recorder (24/96, "audio in" at level 07) -> WAV 24/96 files -> WAV files merged -> resampled to 16/44 for matrix
  • Lineage (fried_morals Audience - Source 4): Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 cardioid microphones w/ mods -> Sony PCM-A10 recorder (24/96) w/ SanDisk 64GB Class 10 MicroSD card -> WAV 24/96 files -> Adobe Audition 2023 CC (normalize/amplify/track splits) -> FLAC -> resampled to 16/44 for matrix
  • IEM taper: Anonymous
  • Set list sheet scan (DMLiveWiki) & photo (fried_morals), DMLiveWiki's ticket screenshot and photo of taping location, original info files, and auCDtectTaskManager log included