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Paper Monsters Tour
2003 Paper Monsters Tour Icon.jpg
Tour name Paper Monsters Tour
By Dave Gahan
Personnel Knox Chandler (guitars, backing vocals)
Victor Indrizzo (drums)
Vincent Jones (keyboards)
Martyn LeNoble (bass)
Tour diary Available
Length 2003-06-05 - 2003-11-30
(excluding pre-tour events and rehearsals)
Number of shows 74
(excluding pre-tour events and rehearsals)

The Paper Monsters Tour was a 2003 tour undertaken by Dave Gahan in support of his first solo album, Paper Monsters.

For a list of all support acts on this tour, go here. For a list of tracks that were played before the start of the concerts, go here.

To read the official tour diary for this tour, go here.

Lineup and songwriting credits

  • Dave Gahan – lead vocals
  • Knox Chandler – guitars, backing vocals
  • Victor Indrizzo – drums
  • Vincent Jones – keyboards
  • Martyn LeNoble – bass

All songs performed were written by Dave Gahan & Knox Chandler, except for 'A Question Of Time', 'Useless', 'Walking In My Shoes', 'Personal Jesus', 'I Feel You', 'Never Let Me Down Again', 'Condemnation', 'Dream On', 'Policy Of Truth' and 'Enjoy The Silence', which were written by Martin Gore, and 'Just Can't Get Enough', which was written by Vince Clarke.

Dates with downloads available

Dates without available downloads

73 out of 75 dates are missing recordings from this tour.

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