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In a syndicated interview for Theinterviewpeople.com, Dave Gahan says:

"[...]And when I'm writing words, quite often the words appear through me hearing a certain sound that is played to me. Or is in a guitar line or something that Rich or a keyboard line, or whatever's been sent to me, is the atmosphere that I hear, and I hear a word. And then when I hear that word - like “tempted” for instance - then I build a song around that idea.[...]"

Dates with available recordings of Tempted

There are currently 9 recordings of Tempted available.

Dates where Tempted was played

Miscellaneous performances

  • Tempted was not been played at any miscellaneous performance.

2015 Angels and Ghosts Tour (Dave Gahan & Soulsavers)

Tempted was played 9 times during this tour.

2021 Imposter Tour (Dave Gahan & Soulsavers)

  • Tempted was not played during this tour.