1994-03-26 Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu, HI, USA/Source 1

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A stellar soundboard recording. This recording has been remastered, adding quite a bit of dynamic range and making the recording much more enjoyable to listen to since it's no longer a wall of headache-inducing noise. Behind The Wheel and In Your Room and several other tracks benefited significantly from automatic phase correction, gaining 6dB of dynamic range at some parts. You can compare the before and after waveforms using the screenshots below.

The following is missing from this recording:

  • "Rush" is missing entirely
  • Halo is incomplete, missing about half the song
  • the first couple seconds of Somebody are missing
  • there are very infrequent small dropouts or skips
  • several seconds after the end of A Question Of Time (losing one of Dave's "thank you"s) and the "Tom Jones Outro" track are missing

Otherwise, this is a complete recording.

An excerpt of Home member uSt0ne's contact with Louis Leal regarding this recording is quoted in this thread on Home, and some of the initial lineage information is inferred from that correspondence. The content is quoted below for those who do not have an account on Home:

Thank you for the compliment. I used a Casio deck that was in the drive rack for the PA system. Did not get to turn the machine on until show started. Only recorded day 2. I used a Casio DA1. Hope that answers all your questions. Brings back memories of long ago times. I actually left the show before it ended and went to see Trent Reznor and NIN at a small club the same night,


I did send a message to Louis's last known email address regarding this recording, but I have not yet received a response.

Note that there is an alternate version of this soundboard recording, reportedly RyanJ's transfer of his own LP mode DAT1, which is not brickwalled and has plenty of dynamic range. However, of the three versions of this alternate recording I've received from different collectors / traders, all have excessive content above 16khz on certain tracks, leading me to believe there has been lossy compression applied, or perhaps they are just artifacts of resampling or the transfer process. Furthermore, some tracks have a characteristic lossy sound, especially with snare hits - they have sort of a "crunch"ing noise, if you will. While the dynamic range is significantly better than even this remaster of the "DM Rocks Hawaii" bootleg (since it was never messed up in the first place), the lossy sound of this alternate version puts me off sharing it at this time. Maybe Ryan can clear this nonsense up?


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [2:11] Play Halo
  2. [5:20] Play Behind The Wheel
  3. [4:44] Play Everything Counts
  4. [6:28] Play World In My Eyes
  5. [6:31] Play Walking In My Shoes
  6. [5:22] Play Stripped
  7. [3:57] Play Condemnation (*)
  8. [4:43] Play A Question Of Lust (*)
  9. [4:49] Play I Want You Now (*)
  10. [6:40] Play In Your Room
  11. [5:00] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  12. [6:58] Play I Feel You
  13. [5:46] Play Personal Jesus
  14. [4:11] Play Somebody (*)
  15. [6:49] Play Enjoy The Silence
  16. [5:10] Play Policy Of Truth
  17. [4:20] Play A Question Of Time
  • Total time: 1:28:57


  • Lineage: DAT Master using Casio DAT deck which was in the PA system rack -> analog (LP mode?) DAT clone recorded on a Casio DA-1 (device has no digital input or output) -> unknown transfer -> "DM Rocks Hawaii" bootleg (audio tampered with? excessive EQ / amplification?) -> Exact Audio Copy v0.99pb4 (perfect settings) -> WAV (16/44) -> in Adobe Audition CC: automatic phase correction (most accurate settings), normalized to -0.1dB and any DC bias removed -> FLAC level 8
  • Taper: Louis Leal
  • Exact Audio Copy logs included

Before and after waveforms