2024-01-27 O2 Arena, London, England, UK/Source 1

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A good audience recording, considering this was recorded with a recorder's internal microphones. Bass is distorted for some songs, and there is a fairly noisy crowd around the taper. The taper decided to use the recorder's internal microphones instead of his usual equipment due to a problem with one of the external microphones. The taper mentioned on DIME:

NOTE: This recording is well bellow my usual standards. Reason is that I used the internal mics of the R-07 as one of my external mic got a problem right before the show. So I decided to tape it in stereo with the R-07 rather than in mono with one external mic.

Also there was a lot of chating people around me, not so concerned about the show.

Let's hope to have a better source down the road.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [2:21] Play Intro (Speak To Me)
  2. [5:09] Play My Cosmos Is Mine
  3. [3:42] Play Wagging Tongue
  4. [6:43] Play Walking In My Shoes
  5. [5:09] Play It's No Good
  6. [5:08] Play Policy Of Truth
  7. [5:09] Play In Your Room
  8. [7:09] Play Everything Counts
  9. [5:00] Play Precious
  10. [4:40] Play Before We Drown
  11. [7:22] Play Home (*)
  12. [5:26] Play Somebody (*)
  13. [4:09] Play Ghosts Again
  14. [5:28] Play I Feel You
  15. [4:27] Play A Pain That I'm Used To
  16. [5:07] Play Behind The Wheel
  17. [5:13] Play Black Celebration
  18. [5:23] Play Stripped
  19. [4:05] Play John The Revelator
  20. [7:35] Play Enjoy The Silence
  21. [3:24] Play Encore Break
  22. [5:40] Play Waiting For The Night
  23. [1:18] Play Happy Birthday
  24. [6:16] Play Just Can't Get Enough
  25. [6:34] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  26. [6:17] Play Personal Jesus
  • Total time: 2:13:54


  • Roland R-07 (internal mics, 24/96) -> iZotope RX 10 corrections -> iZotope Ozone 9 -> Audacity (track splits) -> FLAC level 8 (16/44)
  • Taper: starship33
  • Some concert photos, original info file, and auCDtectTaskManager log included