Summer 1981 Intro

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The 'Summer 1981 Intro' is an instrumental concert intro confirmed to have been played between the July 23rd London and August 2nd Brighton concerts. The instrumental resembles a slowed down version of 'Shout'. It is possible this instrumental track was also played at the Manchester date, but the only available recording begins about thirty seconds into 'Television Set', so it cannot yet be determined whether it was played on this date.

The next two dates, Leeds, and Edinburgh, do not currently have any available recordings. The next date at the London Institute of Contemporary Arts only has three FM broadcast tracks available. Additionally, due to the music festival-like nature of this particular concert, it is unclear if an introduction was played.

By the next available concert with a full recording, September 26th's Amsterdam, 'Any Second Now' becomes the concert introduction. It can be assumed that the prior two concerts (The Venue, London and Hamburg) also employed 'Any Second Now' as their respective intros due to the estimated one and a half month break between official concert dates. 'Any Second Now' would be used as the intro for the remainder of the tour.

There are three dates that have recordings of the Summer 1981 Intro:

Of these dates' recordings, Brighton's has the best audio quality and is the most complete. You can listen to the recording below, which includes both the intro and 'Television Set':