Summer 1981 Intro

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The "Summer 1981 Intro" is the instrumental concert introduction that is confirmed to have been played at concerts between 1981-07-23 The Venue, London, England, UK and 1981-08-02 Jenkinsons, Brighton, England, UK. This music resembles a slowed down version of Shout. There are three dates that have recordings of this intro:

Of those, Brighton has the best quality and a complete recording. You can listen to the track below (track includes the intro and Television Set):

It is possible that the next concert, 1981-08-05 Rafters, Manchester, England, UK, had this introduction, but the only available recording begins about 30 seconds in through Television Set, so it can't be determined whether it was played. The next two concerts, 1981-08-06 Warehouse, Leeds, England, UK, and 1981-08-07 Nite Club, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, do not have any recordings available currently; the next concert at 1981-08-26 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, England, UK only has three FM broadcast tracks available, plus it was something of a "festival" gig, so it can't be determined whether there was an introduction played at that concert. By 1981-09-26 Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the next available concert with a full recording, Any Second Now becomes the concert introduction; it can be assumed that the prior two concerts (1981-09-19 The Venue, London, England, UK and 1981-09-25 Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany) also have Any Second Now as the concert introduction due to the roughly one and a half month break between "real" concerts, and Any Second Now was prepared for use for the remainder of the tour.