Black And Blue Again

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Dave Gahan told the Daily Mail:

"[My wife and I] had a huge fight, and I walked out of our apartment. I was on my way to the studio when it suddenly dawned on me that I was the one in the wrong. That song is basically me admitting that I'm not always a very nice person. I realised that relationships weren't easy, and I had to change."

Dave Gahan also said in the Electronic Press Kit for 'Paper Monsters':

"Probably 'Black And Blue Again' [was the most emotionally intense to write], which came from... I wrote all those words in a cab, along the way from a big fight with my wife. To me it's like a boxing match and I wrote these words like I was fighting and there's a lot in there – we're back in the ring fighting again. And it's fighting with myself, and it's struggling to be in a relationship rather than dictate how the relationship should be, that's always been my downfall. And that song was hard to... because I really wanted to be honest about it [laughs]. I wanted to tell it exactly as it was – this fight – and really admit to myself that I'm not a very nice person and I really felt that at the time. I realised at the time that I really wasn't very nice. Hence the song title 'Black And Blue Again': just beating myself up – I do a much better job of doing that than anybody else anyway."

Dates with available recordings of Black And Blue Again

There are currently 3 recordings of Black And Blue Again available.

Dates where Black And Blue Again was played

2003 Paper Monsters Tour (Dave Gahan solo)

Black And Blue Again was played 73 times during this tour.

2015 "Angels & Ghosts" Tour

  • Black And Blue Again was not played during this tour.