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If you have a recording you feel would be an addition to the archive, please let us know via email at admin [at] dmlive [dot] wiki. We would be glad to digitize and share any cassette or reel tape, DAT, MiniDisc, 8mm/Hi8 or VHS/S-VHS of a Depeche Mode or solo member's tour recording, no matter your geographical location, the quality or generation of the recording, or how many tapes you may have. The webmaster lives in Florida, USA, but we have helpful contacts in Europe who can help orchestrate shipping to make it as easy and inexpensive for you as possible to contribute your tapes.

Please note that even if a source is already available from a given date and you have an old cassette with the same recording, your copy may be an upgrade in quality over the circulating copy depending on the cassette's generation. In addition, many older recordings on cassette were transferred using inferior equipment or with poor care, thus resulting in a digital copy that doesn't sound as good as it should. Our serviced and upgraded Nakamichi MR-1 cassette deck will extract as many details as possible from any tape, with excellent speed stability and virtually zero additional wow & flutter to what is inherently recorded on the cassette.

Also keep in mind that even if you yourself taped a gig on cassette and used the same exact portable cassette recorder to later playback and capture the master tape, it still may not sound as good as possible. The vast majority of decks which use a combination record/playback head will record better than they can play back, so please consider lending your tape to transfer even in such cases.

A similar concept applies to MiniDisc recordings: if the MD was not transferred digitally and instead was an analog capture, the sound will be degraded. We are able to perform digital transfers of your MiniDiscs (see our equipment), so please let us know if you have any to contribute!

We have high-end equipment to digitize PAL and NTSC VHS, S-VHS, and NTSC 8mm/Hi8 tapes as well; similar reasoning applies to video tapes as it does to cassettes.

Alternate recordings of officially released content are also accepted and would be greatly appreciated - this includes audience recordings of concerts which have been released as soundboard recordings by "Live Here Now" from the 2005-2006 Touring The Angel and 2009-2010 Tour Of The Universe tours.

If you have a recording on a format not listed here, feel free to email us anyway - we most likely have a colleague who can transfer the recording using high end equipment. Your contribution will be shared on this wiki as well as on DIME, unless the recording is against their upload rules for some reason.

If you are interested in the equipment at our disposal for transferring recordings, please see the Equipment page.

Desired recordings

Any recordings which meet the criteria below are desirable, so please contact us:

  • Any audience recordings from concerts that have also had FM broadcasts; see a list of FM broadcasts here
  • Any recordings that do not circulate or were thought not to exist from a given date
  • Any recordings previously only available in MP3 or other lossy formats
  • Any more complete variants of a recording
  • Any very commonly circulating tape, but which is currently only available as an unknown-generation or high-generation, or lousy-sounding copy
  • Known generation tapes, even if a copy of the same recording is already circulating
  • Any interview not already listed in the interviews section; if you don't know the date or other details of the interview, feel free to send it to us anyway and we'll try to determine that. Any interviews you may have on an analog format would also be welcome, we would be more than happy to digitize and share it.

Most wanted recordings

We are also searching for the following recordings in particular:

Live sound banks

EMU Emulator II Sound Banks

The sound banks included on the zip discs sold at the Alan Wilder / Depeche Mode Collection were not the only banks made available at the time of the auction. Certain pieces of equipment, such as Alan Wilder's EMU Emulator II, were listed as including several Depeche Mode and Recoil sound banks, plus a large collection of various Emulator II sample library banks.

If you possess any of the following unlisted Depeche Mode or Recoil Emulator II sound banks, please reach out to [email protected].

Bank # Song
12 Recoil 4 (safety copy)
13 Shake The Disease (safety copy)
14 Black Celebration (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
15 Master And Servant (re-sampled from Emax zip set & SGR album)
16 A Question Of Time (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
17 Blasphemous Rumours (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
18 Stripped (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
19 Pipeline (re-sampled from Emax zip set)
20 Behind The Wheel (re-sampled from Emax zip set)

Equipment presets and patches

Zoom 9010 FX Processor

Separate from the sampler keyboards and zip discs sold at the Alan Wilder / Depeche Mode Collection was the Zoom 9010 multi-effect processor. This rack-mount effects processor was used during the recording of Songs Of Faith And Devotion, as well as several Recoil albums. The unit was sold with several patches stored on the card, including presets and settings for the guitar effects of I Feel You and drum loops on Mercy In You, among others.

If you possess the Zoom 9010 unit from Alan's auction, please reach out to [email protected].

Other multimedia

Ticket stub and tour poster scans, setlist sheet pictures or scans, and any concert photos you may have taken or have access to and permission to share would be welcome additions as well. Feel free to email these to admin [at] dmlive [dot] wiki. Please do not submit ticket stub scans taken from the official archives. The contributors of the scans gave explicit permission to use their scans only to the official archive site at the time of ticket submission. Do feel free to submit your ticket scans you provide for this wiki to the official site archives as well - you can find submission requirements at the bottom of any tour's subpage on the official archive.

Ticket stubs

See Ticket scans for a list of dates we have ticket scans for. If you have ticket scans to contribute, please scan them to PNG format if possible and email them to admin [at] dmlive [dot] wiki, along with what name you would like to be credited with. High-quality photographs are also acceptable.

Setlist sheet pictures

We are missing several setlist sheet pictures from the 2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour. Please help us out by contributing a photo or scan of the setlist sheet for the following dates: