1993-07-31 Crystal Palace Sports Ground, London, England, UK/Source 1

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A very good sounding FM broadcast recording. This is "Revision A" of this rework, adding 35 seconds at the beginning of Higher Love, smoothing out the transition between Policy Of Truth and Walking In My Shoes, and using a better patch for the missing audio toward the end of Personal Jesus. It now uses a speed-corrected, crossfaded patch using the better of two audience sources currently available.

Please note that Dave Gahan's vocals from this prepared FM broadcast are overdubs from the 1993-07-29 Liévin concert which was filmed and appears on the "Devotional" video. Audio excerpts demonstrating these overdubs are available to stream on the main page for this concert.

Five sources were used to provide the most complete, best sounding version of this recording:

  • "Enjoy The Rumours" (KTS 206)[1], provided the core recording
  • "Europe 1993" (Post Script PSCD 1281)[2], added 5 seconds missing at the end of Halo
  • "I Feel You" (Mogul Nightmare Records MNR 015)[3], added Walking In My Shoes
  • Phong Ng's audience recording for about 4 seconds of missing audio near the end of Personal Jesus; all broadcasts, including recent digital BBC6 broadcasts, have this flaw
  • Recent digital satellite broadcast by BBC6 of five tracks from this concert, provided 35 additional seconds at the beginning of Higher Love; thanks to Stealth71 for capturing that recording

Many thanks to Vince for reworking this recording.


You can listen to this entire recording below.

Track list

  1. [6:58] Play Higher Love
  2. [4:56] Play Policy Of Truth
  3. [6:37] Play Walking In My Shoes
  4. [4:37] Play Halo
  5. [5:06] Play Stripped
  6. [3:48] Play Condemnation
  7. [5:09] Play Judas (*)
  8. [7:11] Play I Feel You
  9. [4:50] Play Never Let Me Down Again
  10. [4:37] Play Rush
  11. [6:41] Play In Your Room
  12. [5:45] Play Personal Jesus
  13. [6:42] Play Enjoy The Silence
  14. [5:12] Play Everything Counts
  • Total time: 1:18:09