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Martin Gore told the May 2003 issue of D-Side magazine (translated from French):

"I definitely wanted to cover a Nick Cave song, simply because I think that he has proven to be a very talented composer in the last twenty years. Furthermore, I really liked some of the tricks in the Birthday Party era. There were other tracks from them that I would have loved to cover but this was the one that was chosen. I thought I could make an interesting and different version of his song and I think I succeeded. My version has nothing to do with Nick Cave's."

He told the April 2003 issue of Jalouse magazine (translated from French):

"'Loverman' seemed to be a great song to cover, because it was really very difficult to reinterpret it, since a cover is only interesting if you preserve the original essence of the whole track while reinterpreting it. I hope to get to know his opinion on this cover one day..."

Martin also told the April 2003 issue of Rolling Stone France (translated from French):

"I'm a great fan of Nick Cave since The Birthday Party. At first I wanted to take one of his B-sides, 'Cassiel's Song', but I did not like what we did with it. 'Loverman' is a song that addresses the themes of lust and fate, and I tried to make it a more sensual version than the original. I think I've never sung so loud in my life. I had to bark, really, because Nick Cave does that for me."

Dates with available recordings of Loverman

There are currently 13 recordings of Loverman available.

Dates where Loverman was played

2003 "A Night With Martin L. Gore" (Martin L. Gore solo)

Loverman was played 8 times during this tour.