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Martin Gore told Billboard:

"I wrote ['Little Soul' and 'Peace'] back to back, and the flow of the album started to make more sense. I really felt they had a spirituality to them. That somehow set a cornerstone for the rest of the writing."

Martin Gore told Mojo magazine in 2009:

"['Peace' and 'Little Soul'] are two of the most spiritual songs I've ever written. Peace will come to me. Inner peace. I don't want to come across as a born-again Christian or some New Age hippy. But maybe it is about feeling more connected to the universe."

Martin told in February 2009:

"'Peace' is my personal favourite. I think it could be one of the best songs I have ever written. It could be the next single."

Martin also told Keyboard magazine:

"Two of the songs I wrote back to back: 'Peace' followed by 'Little Soul.' They were, for me, quite spiritual sounding. Although they sound nothing like it, it almost felt a little bit like something from [Stevie Wonder's] Innervisions. There's something spiritual in that sense to them. It might seem really weird to be talking about Stevie Wonder. There's nothing that we ever do that really sounds like somebody else directly. I think it’s in my warped head, there’s something Stevie Wonder-like about 'Little Soul'."

Dave Gahan told Under The Radar magazine:

"When Martin played it to me for the first time I turned around and said, 'I think that's one of the best songs you've ever written.' Even in the demo form it was apparent that it was so full of melody, I thought it was just beautiful. Sometimes I don't know where he comes up with this stuff to be honest."

Dates with available recordings of Peace

There are currently 4 recordings of Peace available.

Dates where Peace was played

2009-2010 Tour Of The Universe

Peace was played 22 times during this tour.

2013-2014 Delta Machine Tour

  • Peace was not played during this tour.

2017-2018 Global Spirit Tour

  • Peace was not played during this tour.