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1994 Exotic Tour
1994 Exotic Tour - Summer Tour '94 Icon.jpg
Tour name 1994 Exotic Tour
Alternate names Summer Tour '94
By Depeche Mode
Leg of Devotional Tour
Personnel Dave Gahan
Alan Wilder
Martin Gore
Andrew Fletcher (1994-02-09 - 1994-03-26)
Stage musicians Daryl Bamonte (1994-04-04 - 1994-07-08)
Backing vocalists Hildia Campbell
Samantha Smith
Support acts The Outsiders
April's Motel Room
The Rizal Underground
Juana La Loca
Igni Ferroque
Primal Scream
Stabbing Westward
Turning Keys
Tour diary Available
Length 1994-02-09 - 1994-07-08 (5 months)
Number of shows 60

The 1994 Exotic Tour (alternatively promoted as "Summer Tour '94") was a tour undertaken by Depeche Mode in support of their eighth studio album Songs Of Faith And Devotion. The tour was an extension of the 1993 Devotional Tour through which the group played to countries and territories they had never previously visited, including South Africa, Australia, East Asia, and South America, as well as additional shows in the United States and Canada. It was the final tour to feature Alan Wilder as a member of Depeche Mode prior to his 1995 departure.

Line up and songwriting credits

1994-02-09 through 1994-03-26

  • Dave Gahan - lead vocals
  • Martin L. Gore - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (denoted by (*) in track listings)
  • Andrew Fletcher - keyboards
  • Alan Wilder - keyboards, drums, backing vocals

1994-04-04 through 1994-07-08

  • Dave Gahan - lead vocals
  • Martin L. Gore - keyboards, guitar, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals (denoted by (*) in track listings)
  • Alan Wilder - keyboards, drums, backing vocals
  • Daryl Bamonte - keyboards

All songs performed were written by Martin L. Gore.


Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher recalled some of the issues that plagued the tour in a 1997 interview with NME:

Martin Gore: We lost the plot. We overplayed it with that last tour. But it's really difficult for us, at our level, to just decide to do a few key dates around the world. The minimum we would have to tour is nine months. Maybe we should have stuck to that, that's what we did with Violator, which was 90 concerts. Which, even so, is too much and heavy and grueling. But with the last project we decided to do a 14-month tour, and I think those extra 30 to 40 gigs were the straw that broke the camel's back. Heh-heh-heh!

Andrew Fletcher: The intensity of the partying had gone to a new stage. It had just been steadily getting worse and worse and worse and worse, until on that tour in particular it was just one huge party. Every night. Martin says he only went to bed early one time on the whole tour.

Martin Gore: ...You don't get offstage usually 'til 10.30, 11, so to get to bed by 12 you've really achieved something there.

Andrew Fletcher: The whole story just sounds so rock 'n' roll. But, I suppose, it is. That's the way it was.[1]

In the same interview, Dave Gahan recalled the atmosphere of drug abuse on the road:

We had a fully-paid psychiatrist on the road as well! Pretty funny. I never went to see him, I didn't have any problems, hahaha! Not psychological, anyway! I even took it so far as to be desperate to get Primal Scream to come on the road with us. They were perfect, absolutely perfect! I loved that last album, everything about them was what I wanted us to be! That was my fantasy. We had a lot of fun, actually, a lot of good times. They'd always be in my dressing room!

It was brilliant! There'd be a knock at the door before the show and it's Innes, or Throb, or Bobby, 'Have ye got a wee sniff, Mr G? I cannae make it tonight, I've been on the Jack all day, I just need a wee sniff, Mr G'. Hahaha! Really funny. And of course, I'd supply them with what they needed. Bobby saw right through my little game, and I felt I saw right through him. He gives off this great image of being this wasted fuck-up, but he's a real smart, clever guy. Bobby balanced it really well, he knew where to stop. I didn't realise that nobody actually did play the game that hard. And the Scream proved that.[1]


  • The 1994 Exotic Tour was the final Depeche Mode tour to feature Alan Wilder as a member of the group.
  • Andrew Fletcher was present for twenty-one of the sixty shows played on the Exotic tour. Daryl Bamonte took on his role for the remaining thirty-nine concerts.
  • It is currently the last Depeche Mode tour to play to South African and Australian audiences.
  • Three concerts on the 1994 Exotic Tour did not feature a support act. These included the two back-to-back nights at Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii, and 1994-04-16 in Monterrey, Mexico.
  • On-stage decorations were greatly simplified comparing to Devotional ones - removed pedestal with projection screens, leaving open stage with just one big screen behind, multiple projections were combined as one big mosaic projection.
  • Exotic tour was with with drastically changed setlist (comparing to Devotional one), becoming more rockier and eventually shorter (from 20 songs on Devotional to 18 at the beginning of Exotic and to 16 at the end of the tour).
  • "Rush" was played with frenetic intro (some similarities with intro of Rush's Amylnitrate mix) instead of Higher Love.
  • Alan further extended his drum live parts in the performances and now "Halo", "Stripped", "Policy Of Truth", "Clean" and "A Question Of Time" are also parts of Exotic tour.
  • In Your Room, despite being released as single (Zephyr mix) at 10 January 1994, was played as album version (it was Alan's preference due his dislike of single version of it).
  • "Condemnation" was sung by Dave for the first shows until March 1994, since then Martin took duties until the end of the tour.

Debuted songs:

  • "I Want You Now" debuted on this tour in trip-hop like version.
  • "Clean" was played 3 times on this tour, usually where band performed several dates in a row (usually second night).
  • "A Question Of Time" sounded much rockier than on previous (and eventually than furthers too) tours.

Dates with downloads available

36 out of 60 dates have recordings from this tour.

Dates without available downloads

Recommended recordings

These recordings are highly recommended as they are generally regarded as some of the best recordings from this tour. This is not an exhaustive list of very good sounding recordings.


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